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New Minors in Sports Communication and Graphic Design

Sports Communication Minor 

Sports play a significant role in American culture and create a multitude of communication-related careers. Within the sports industry there is a growing need for graduates with specialized training in sports media/communication, writing, marketing, multimedia production, group communication, critical thinking, leadership, and communication and technology. The Sports Communication minor at UT Tyler offers students a strong education that can be used in radio broadcasting internet marketing and sports commentating as well as sports information and sport digital media.

18 Hours
SPCM 2315, Sports Communication (Spring)
MCOM 2311, Writing for Mass Media
MCOM 2313, Multimedia Production
SPCM 3322, Small Group Communication
MARK 4310 Sports Marketing

and one of the following:
SPCM 4315 Organizational Communication
MCOM 2375 Introduction to Principles of Public Relations
MCOM 2340 Introduction to Principles of Advertising

Graphic Design Minor

Graphic Design is a course of study that prepares students to create graphic design products that communicate the online and print needs of many businesses. This minor may be chosen to satisfy other bachelor degree programs within the university. This program requires 18 hours of mass communication, graphic design designated courses, 12 of which must be upper division. Courses are selected by the student in consultation with a member of the Department of Communication.

18 Hours
MCOM 2306, Media Design and Production
MCOM 2313, Multimedia Production
MCOM 3311, Visual Design
MCOM 3312, Publication Design
MCOM 3370, Web Design

Electives to choose from:
ELECTIVES – Choose one course from the following
ART 1301, Introduction to Art,
ART 1311, Design I
MCOM 3365, Digital Photography
MCOM 2340, Introduction to Advertising
MCOM 3360, Photojournalism
MCOM 4370, 4371: Undergraduate Internship Program(when available)

Administrative Assistant: Patricia Pelletier