Communication Studies Internships

Opportunities for Communication Studies Students

The purpose of an internship is to help students integrate academic learning with employment experience. Internships are an important component of the total educational experience, and the benefits are significant. Through internships, students

  • Apply academic learning experience.
  • Acquire experience in the working world, adding depth and relevance to classroom work.
  • Enhance understanding of communication processes.
  • Gain knowledge of different career fields and of specific jobs within these fields.
  • Further ability to match career and employment choices with personal goals and abilities. 
  • Improve job search, interview, and other professional skills.

To be eligible for a CMST internship, the student must have completed at least 3 hours of lower division CMST courses and 6 hours of upper division CMST courses and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

The process of applying for an internship entails meeting with the internship coordinator, Dr. Dennis Cali (, to learn about policies and procedures and to receive a permission code for enrolling in the internship course, CMST 4370.

To receive 3 hours credit for completion of an internship, the student intern needs to have completed 150 hours at the internship site, write a reflective essay on the experience, and be evaluated by a site supervisor. The student must also complete a log of hours while completing the internship. Possible to receive additional hours of internship credit.

Sample internship sites related to Communication Studies have included:

Brookshire's Training and Development
Chick-Fil-A recruiting
City of Tyler
Tiger Creek Wildlife Rescue
Debate and High School student instructor internships
Other internship sites possible based on student proposals