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Communication Studies Program

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 The ability to communicate effectively is an outstanding advantage in any career and in life. With a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from The University of Texas at Tyler, you will be ready to develop high-impact presentations, conduct effective and timely research and engage in ethical inquiry, navigate diverse communication styles, and think critically to make well-reasoned decisions.

  • Build strong oral, written, and visual communications skills that can give you a distinctive edge both personally and professionally.
  • Critically interpret and use contemporary forms of communication in order to creatively problem solve, make sound judgments, and demonstrate innovative and well-founded perspectives.
  • Adapt to all types of situations by determining the best course of action and appropriate communicative approach
  • Navigate and critically think through the plethora of information presented to our society on a daily basis

Graduates of the UT Tyler Communication Studies program follow many different career paths in the private and public sector, or continuing their education by working towards a master’s and doctoral degree.


Bachelor’s in Communication Studies: Broad Scope. Theory-Based.

  • Study communication studies in small classes that are highly interactive and engaging, and that offer valuable mentoring by professors in and out of the classroom.
  • Complete an internship in a field of your choice. The coursework completed before embarking on an internship will prepare you for wherever your passions may be.
  • Connect with other students and area professionals in the communication field through the Communications Club.

Students in the communication studies program may choose a BA or BS option. Students may also minor in communication studies, health communication, or choose a minor in another field that interests them.


Communication Studies Courses: Relevant. Experiential. Thought Provoking.

UT Tyler communication studies majors are required to take a core set of communication courses, but then shape their degree by taking courses based on their interests, passions, and career goals.