Shane McGuire

Shane McGuire, BBA 2000

He Took a Risk and Built a Business out of Solving Problems

When Shane McGuire enrolled at The University of Texas at Tyler, he knew that no matter what career path he chose, he ultimately wanted to build business, take risks and solve problems. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in finance and decided to try his luck in the stock market.

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Shane McGuire

“The UT Tyler finance department was excellent, and my professors encouraged me to go into that most disfavored of careers, day trading,” McGuire said. “Lo and behold, I was successful, made a little money—even kept making some money after the bubble burst. But a few years in, I looked around the trading floor and people were dropping out daily, losing all they had.”

It was then that he decided to quit while he was ahead and change careers.

“I prayed about it and researched my options. Law school emerged as the clear and easy choice,” he said.

After devoting three months to studying for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), he received a full scholarship, with stipend, to the Texas Tech School of Law.

“I went there with people who had attended undergraduate schools all over the country. I can tell you that UT Tyler prepared me as well as, or better, than any other school could have,” McGuire said.

He lists three things that students discover at the beginning of law school:

  • Everyone there is smart.
  • You’re graded on a bell curve the first year.
  • The law school professors are distinguished both academically and professionally.

Bearing that in mind, McGuire found success in law school as an editor on the Law Review, where he published, and as a graduate in the top 20 percent of his class. He returned to East Texas to start a practice, where he handles personal injury and overtime claims.

“There are two types of lawyers – litigators and transactional attorneys. UT Tyler can prepare you for either endeavor. At UT Tyler, you’ll be surrounded by bright students, unspoiled by grade inflation and taught by professors who are of the highest quality. Law school for the UT Tyler graduate should be a smooth transition.”