Pre-Veterinary (DVM) Program

Pre-Professional Programs at UT Tyler

There is only one veterinary medicine school in Texas -- Texas A&M University at College Station. Students preparing for admission to a professional veterinary medical program must choose a specific course of study (major) offered by one of the colleges at the university in which the student is enrolled.

Students are encouraged to enroll into a degree program leading to another career choice, in case they are not selected to a professional veterinary medical program. This degree program should provide appropriate educational experiences and academic rigor to prepare the student for entrance into the veterinary medical program.

Experience With Animals

Knowledge of and experience in working with animals is critical preparation for a successful veterinarian. Appropriate preparation includes formal training and experience as well as contact with and handling of animals.

Applicants to the College of Veterinary Medicine are expected to be familiar with animals and animal behavior. General agriculture knowledge is encouraged for those interested in farm animal veterinary medicine. To obtain this experience, applicants should register for the course work which provides exposure to animals or involve themselves in practical animal applications in the private sector.

A score on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required as part of the application.

All Specific Application and Prerequisite Requirements

There are two other colleges of veterinary medicine close to Texas:

All Other Veterinary Schools Within the US

For more information or questions concerning courses at UT Tyler that will fulfill veterinary school prerequisites, please contact:

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