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Undergraduate Advising

All students should see their advisor (or the Advising Center staff if their major is undecided) before registering each semester. Your advisor will prepare an individually tailored degree plan, which is the road map for completing your degree.

Your advisor is one of your most important contacts on campus. You should take the initiative and arrange an appointment with your advisor at any time during the semester when you need advice or help.


  • CAS First-Year and Transfer Advising - Contact 903.565.5720
  • CAS Major Advising - See Departmental Webpage
  • CAS Graduate Advising - See Departmental Webpage

For additional information and assistance, contact:

The College of Arts & Sciences Advising Center

Dr. Michael Millett, DMA
CAS 215

Ms. Michelle Gonzalez
CAS 215

Mrs. Jan Adams
CAS 205 C

Mrs. Zacharie Ward
CAS 205 A

Ms. Tracey Lornson
CAS 204 B

To set your own appointment for CAS Advising:

If you are a current or prospective student in need of an appointment, then please email casadvising@uttyler.edu a list of dates/times where you will be available or a good contact number to reach you at, and our student assistants will reach out to you directly regarding scheduling.   We can accommodate students with face-to-face appointments or phone appointments.

        Michael Millett                Michelle Gonzalez  



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