Why the Soules College of Business at UT Tyler

Why Soules College of Business

UT Tyler Soules College of Business

The Soules College of Business not only provides students with an invaluable education, it also provides valuable experience through the college's research centers, labs, student organizations and external internships.

High Impact Educational Practices 

As stated in our mission, the Soules College of Business employs High-Impact Educational Practices that help students at the bachelor's and master's levels attain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful as professionals. These 10 practices have been adopted by the college to help better serve our students.

Marketable Skills

The Soules College of Business has also specifically identified marketable skills that are obtained as you get a degree from one of the majors in the college. These skills were developed through input from our industry partners and reflect the skills they want of our graduates. By having these marketable skills, you have an advantage in getting and succeeding in a job upon graduation.

Soules College of Business Marketable Skills

Career Development

The Soules College of Business at UT Tyler supports the career development of our students. Soules College of Business majors get the following career development training as part of their degree:

  • Professional Branding - Development of a “Professional Brand,” which includes a self-assessment and creation of an elevator speech.
  • Resume Writing and Cover Letter Development - Creating a professional resume, complete with cover letter and reviewed for quality.
  • Electronic Portfolio - Development of a LinkedIn profile to establish a professional online presence prior to graduation.
  • Dress for Success - Instruction in professional attire, preparing students to dress for success.
  • Etiquette Dinner - Participation in a business and dining etiquette dinner to enhance professionalism at social dining events.
  • Offer Negotiations - Training on negotiating and accepting or declining a job/business offer in a professional manner.
  • Mock Team Interviews - Participation in a mock team interview in which local businesses provide a professional interview experience and direct feedback on a student’s interviewing technique.

Why Business & Technology

The hiring forecast is looking bright, especially for those with business and technical degrees, according to recent business articles. The top degrees that major businesses stated they were looking to hire included those within business administration, management, finance and information technology. 

Jobs within business fields are estimated to grow by at least 8% in 2017 according to CareerBuilder.com, and the top 10 careers that will see growth in 2017 are all within business fields according to Forbes.com. Given the projected outlook for business-related jobs, there is no better time to begin pursuing an exciting and dynamic degree within a business field than today!

What Soules College of Business Alumni Say

My business administration minor prepared me for my current position.
- Jimmy Peterson, 2013, Director of Business Development & Marketing, The Brannon Corporation

My accounting degree from UT Tyler has given me a great foundation to build on.
- Maria Campos, 2013, Staff Associate at Henry & Peters

The internship that Soules College of Business provided me, showed my employer how valuable a resource I could be in a full-time position.
- Roy Lucio, 2012, Sales & Marketing Analyst, Ingersoll Rand

The day to day class work is long forgotten but the concepts of time management, lessons learned from professors, and the ability to work within teams have been embedded in my mind. Each moment spent presenting something in front of the class or even answering a professor's questions out loud was future training for being able to properly express my opinion on the job today.
- Matthew Riccardi, 2009, Senior Manager of Basketball Operations, Brooklyn Nets