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Hibbs Family

Hibbs Institute for Business & Economic Research

The faculty and leadership of the Soules College of Business are grateful for the endowment provided by the Hibbs Family Foundation. Through its work to enhance economic opportunities for all East Texans, the Hibbs Institute will honor a very successful family.

The Hibbs family has, over two generations, succeeded in creating, improving and then expanding an innovative insurance holding company, Heartland Insurance Group, Inc. Heartland is a diversified, top-tier, national company with eight successful firms. View the Heartland Insurance web site and, especially, their guiding principles.  The Chairman and CEO of Heartland, Billy E. Hibbs, Jr., was an intern at the University of Texas Bureau of Business Research in Austin in the 1970s.  As a result, he has a passion for data and statistical research that continues today through the family’s financial support for the Hibbs Institute and his service on the Advisory Board.

Each member of the Hibbs family, conducts their lives with purpose and excellence while exhibiting true character.  Their strength of character includes a caring nature for others, belief in diligence and hard work, and a vigorous drive for creative success in everything they do.