Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Master of Science in Computer Science


A satisfactory score on the General Test (verbal and quantitative) of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)


A satisfactory grade point average on all prior advanced-level (junior, senior, and graduate) work taken


A demonstrated proficiency in the use of the English language. If a student’s verbal score on the General Test of the GRE is below an acceptable minimum, the student must pass an English proficiency test.


An undergraduate major in computer science or course work in computer science including the content of COSC 1337, COSC 2315 and COSC 2336 or equivalent


No more than nine semester credit hours of graduate credit earned prior to acceptance into the program, including transfer credit, may be applied to the MS degree.


Approval by the departmental chair

Consideration is also given to one or more of the following: the applicant's demonstrated commitment to his or her chosen field of study, socioeconomic background, first generation college graduate, multilingual proficiency, geographic region of residence, and level of responsibility in other matters including extracurricular activities, employment, community service, and family responsibilities.