Program Outcomes

Master of Science in Computer Science-Program Outcomes

UT Tyler Department of Computer Science

Computer science students at the time of graduation are expected to:

1. possess an enhanced breadth of knowledge in computer science, combined with a depth of knowledge in critical core areas of computing;

2. possess the skills and knowledge for lifelong learning in computer science;

3. possess and demonstrate depth and breadth of knowledge of the theoretical foundations of computing and have strong practical application experience;

4. possess and demonstrate oral and written communication skills;

5. understand and respect the professional standards of ethics expected of a computer scientist and be knowledgeable concerning the history of the computing field;

6. possess a knowledge of computer security and computer security management;

7. analyze and compare relative merits of alternative software design, algorithmic approaches, and computer system organization, with respect to a variety of criteria relevant to the task (e. g. efficiency, scalability, security);

8. implement algorithms in multiple programming languages, on multiple hardware platforms, and in multiple operating system environments.