Cyber-Data Foundations Certificate Program

Cyber-Data Foundations Certificate Program

UT Tyler Department of Computer Science

This program provides the foundational knowledge for a student to develop skills in Business Analytics and Cybersecurity.  The program exposes students to the necessary statistical techniques to analyze data, experience in machine learning which is a necessity in capturing data in today's large scale data environment, and the various traditional and non-traditional databases which provide the basis for data storage.  


Certificate Requirements

Required Courses (9 hrs.)

The certificate requires students to complete 9 semester credit hours (3 courses) from the following existing course set with a grade of B or better in each course. Prerequisites for all certificate courses selected will apply. 


CSCI 5346-Database Analytics
CSCI 5374-Quantitative Methods and Analysis
CSCI 5350-Machine Learning

Courses completed for this certification will be listed as a milestone on an official university transcript and a certificate of completion will be awarded by the Department of Computer Science.