Marketing Undergraduate BBA Degree

Marketing BBA Degree

UT Tyler Department of Management & Marketing


The following are specific educational objectives for marketing majors:

  • Acquire a practical understanding of the marketing planning process and be able to develop a complete marketing plan.
  • Learn to develop and execute a formal marketing presentation, including problem definition, formulation of alternatives, and the selection and defense of specific action recommendations.
  • Become familiar with fundamental marketing concepts and learn to apply analytical skills and innovative thinking in a variety of marketing contexts, including commercial, industrial, service, and non-profit sectors.
  • Acquire strategic insights useful in the practical segmentation of markets and the effective manipulation of the marketing mix.
  • Acquire a detailed understanding of the customs, traditions, and decision making processes that direct the consumption behavior of the modern American consumer.
  • Learn to identify and differentiate the effects of cultural and sub-cultural factors on consumption behavior and the implications for marketing strategy.
  • Become familiar with quantitative and qualitative techniques to gather and analyze information in order to help marketing managers reduce uncertainty in managerial decision-making.

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