UT Tyler School of Technology

Message from the Chair

UT Tyler Department of Technology

Mark Miller First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time to review the website for the Department of Technology at The University of Texas at Tyler. There are a lot of programs and options available to you across the country, or the world for that matter, to enhance your career opportunities. Please consider the following important facts that set our programs apart from the rest.

The undergraduate Bachelor of Science program in Industrial Technology is the only program in Texas north of Corpus Christi that is accredited by an outside accrediting body besides the standard SACS accreditation that applies to the entire university. This means that the program has to demonstrate rigor, seek input from an industrial advisory board whose advice is used to improve the program's curricula, maintain state-of-the-art facilities, hire the most competent faculty in the profession, and continuously improve so graduates are properly prepared for gainful employment after graduation.

Our graduates obtain OSHA 30 hour cards from the United States government for General Industry safety when they finish the Industrial Safety course, earn a FANUC robotics programming and materials handling certificate when they finish the Computer Integrated Manufacturing course, minor in Business Administration, and can earn certifications in manufacturing and technology management. We are also the only Industrial Technology program in the world to offer course work and certifications in nanomaterials safety.

In addition to our regular Bachelor of Science program in Industrial Technology, we also have an emphasis in Surveying and Mapping. This emphasis allows students to transfer surveying course work from two year colleges and apply it towards a bachelor's degree that will assist them in becoming Registered Professional Land Surveyors (RPLS).

Students can complete their core curriculum at a two year college as well and transfer in all that course work so they only have to take the upper level course work at UT Tyler. Furthermore, all the upper level course work at UT Tyler is now offered online so you can complete the degree from anywhere in the world. This is the only program of its kind offered in the country.

Our Master of Science in Industrial Management program is the only program in the world that allows students to complete a graduate degree and earn at least three additional certifications without taking any additional course work. Yes, I said that correctly, you can take course work that applies towards your degree that also applies to your certifications.

Students can become Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified, Supply Chain Management certified, earn a certification in Project Management and also earn the FANUC robotics certification at the graduate level. In addition, all the course work is offered face-to-face in the evenings and online depending on your distance from campus or hectic work schedule. The program is internationally renowned and over half of its majors come from countries that span the globe.

If you have any questions regarding any of our programs, please contact me or any of the advisors listed on the website. A college education is expensive, and we pride ourselves in providing you with one of the best educational experiences available to greatly enhance your chances at finding the job of your dreams. Thanks again for considering us for your future career goals.

Dr. Mark R. Miller, CSTM, CSMS, CSEG, CLSSBB

Chair and Professor

Department of Technology