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Master's Programs Frequently Asked Questions

UT Tyler Soules College of Business

How do I gain admittance to graduate school?

  1. Apply early.  It is best to have application materials complete and submitted at least two months before the semester you would like to begin.
  2. Complete an online application at The University of Texas at Tyler Admissions website.
  3. Submit GMAT scores.  Scores are required for students pursuing an MBA, MS in Human Resource Development, or MS in Industrial Management.  Scores must be less than five years old.
  4. Admission is based on several factors, including undergraduate GPA and GMAT scores.  In some cases, GRE scores can be accepted in lieu of GMAT scores.  Students can apply for provisional admission for one semester but will not be allowed to enroll for subsequent semesters until official scores are on file with the University.


Students will not be allowed to enroll in coursework unless all requirements are met.  All documentation should be sent to the Office of Graduate Admissions as well as to the Coordinator of Graduate Programs for the Soules College of Business. 

Undergraduates taking graduate level courses: Can I take graduate coursework during the last semester of my undergraduate career?

Yes.  You can take six hours of graduate coursework in your last semester if:

  1. You are within 12 hours of graduation.
  2. You have applied for graduation.
  3. You have been provisionally admitted to your graduate program for the subsequent semester.
  4. You have been granted permission by the Coordinator of Graduate Programs.


Institution code: What are the institution's codes for submitting test scores?

GRE: 6850
FAFSA: Title IV code 011163

Notification: Why have I not been notified of admittance into graduate school?

The following is a list of reasons why you may not have been notified of acceptance to graduate school:

  1. Transcripts have not been received from all of the institutions that you had previously attended.
  2. Transcript was sent prior to your graduation and does not state that you have earned an undergraduate degree.
  3. The online graduate admission form has not been filled out and received and/or the application fee has not been paid.
  4. You had applied for a previous semester which is not automatically rolled over to the current semester. Students must reapply for graduate admittance if they did not attend within three semesters of their initial acceptance.
  5. Letters of recommendation have not been received (for Ph.D. in HRD only).
  6. Have attended a previous semester of graduate school and GMAT scores have not been received and filed.
  7. You have a hold on your account due to unpaid parking tickets, tuition or other fee that was never resolved.
  8. You have changed your address or email without notifying the university.
  9. You have recently changed your name and not filled out the appropriate paperwork to inform the university of this change.


How do I know if I have been admitted to graduate school?

You will receive a letter or email notification. Students can also check the status of their application on myUTTyler.

Mailing Address: I have materials to submit to admissions, what is the mailing address?

The Office of Graduate Admissions HPR 248
The University of Texas at Tyler
3900 University Blvd
Tyler Texas 75799

More Questions: Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Soules College of Business Graduate Advising can be contacted at 903.565.5836 or by email

Office of Graduate Admissions can be contacted at 903.566.7457 or by email

TOEFL score minimums: What are the score minimums for admittance?

A minimum score for graduate admission is 550 on the paper version, 213 on the old computer version, and 79 on the internet-based test. Information concerning the TOEFL may be obtained by writing to TOEFL, P.O. Box 899, Princeton, New Jersey 08540 U.S.A. The ETS institutional code for UT Tyler is 6850. There is no departmental code for TOEFL.

Tuition: How much is a master's degree going to cost?

UT Tyler Tuition and Fee Schedule

When should I call the university regarding graduate admittance status?

If it has been over a month since all of your transcripts, letters of recommendations (if required), and GMAT or GRE scores have been sent. If you have addressed all of the previously listed information and cannot register for course work.

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Thank you for your interest in our programs and please contact us if you have any further questions or problems with admittance to our graduate programs.

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