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All-Level(EC-12) Certification

All-Level (EC-12) Certification is available for the teaching fields of art, music, physical education, and Spanish. Coursework to satisfy the requirements of this certificate may be met by pursuing the degree and teaching specialization requirements of the appropriate field and completing certification requirements. For more information, please schedule an appointment with the education advisor.

Students wishing to be certified to teach grades EC-12 in art, music, physical education, and Spanish must complete the following:

  1. Completion of baccalaureate core curriculum requirements.

  2. Degree requirements, as listed in the appropriate area of the catalog, in a teaching field appropriate to the public schools of Texas. (See Teaching Specializations below.)

  3. 18 hours of professional development courses, including EDUC 3315, EPSY 3340, EDSP 3351, EDUC 4320, EDFB 4338, EDUC 4335.

  4. Six semester hours of Clinical Teaching (EDUC 4640) along with the Clinical Teaching Seminar (EDUC 4057).

Certification Options:

Teaching Specializations and certification options are approved by the State Board for Educator Certification. Students pursuing baccalaureate degrees in appropriate fields may be certified to teach at the secondary level.

All-Level (EC-12) Specializations Certificate:

All-Level (EC-12) Preparation Program:

Phase I Phase II Phase III Phase IV
EDUC 1301 EDSP 3351 EDUC 4335* EDUC 4057
EPSY 3340 EDUC 4320 EDFB 4338 EDUC 4640

NOTE: All required courses for this degree program are offered each fall and spring semester.

College of Education and PSychology 7-12 Minor
Music Education Minor EC-12
Art Education Minor EC-12
Kinesiology EC-12 Physical Education
UTeach Professional Education Phases: 7-12 and EC-12

*Art, Kinesiology, and Music degree plans leading to All-Level (EC-12) certification in those subjects have their own methods courses built into the degree plan and will therefore not be enrolling in the second Phase III course.

For complaints about this certification educator preparation program, please follow the policy outlined in the Certification Program's Complaint Policy.