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UT Tyler Psychology and Counseling

Psychology and Counseling Training Clinic

Our Services

Our Psychology and Counseling Training Clinic offers free counseling services to students at UT Tyler. Clients are seen by advanced graduate students in Psychology and Counseling, under the direct supervision of University mental health professionals.

Types of Services

Individual Counseling:

  • Academic Counseling: Academic counseling offers students the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with a counselor who specializes in helping students improve academic performance. The counselor will discuss specific academic concerns the student is having and offer suggestions on strategies to improve academic performance or address other issues interfering with academic performance. As a result of academic counseling, students might benefit (a) increased motivation to completed academic work, (b) improve time management skills, (c) managing test anxiety, (d) decreased procrastination, (e) better note-taking skills, (f) strengthened test preparation strategies, (g) improved test performance and grades.
  • Career Counseling: Career counseling provides individualized assistance to students in developing a greater sense of self-awareness relevant to the career development process. Often a variety of career assessments are used to facilitate this process. In addition, students are aided by resources and guidance to obtain educational and occupational information relevant to their skills, interests, personality and values. Through this process, students can also be supported in the decision-making process, assessing and increasing self-confidence, processing conflicts in values or with significant others, and addressing fears in and identifying strategies for moving forward in the process.
  • Personal Counseling: There are many great things about college life. But college life can also include many challenges, such as relationship problems, financial pressures, conflict with parents, depression, anxiety, eating concerns, etc.

If you are interested in receiving counseling services please reach out to us at uttpsycoun.clinic@uttyler.edu or 903-566-7140 and one of our trained graduate assistant will be with you shortly.

If you have any questions, please send an email to the training clinic director, Nick Bennie.