College of Education and Psychology

College of Education and Psychology

College Mission/Vision

Core Purpose of College of Education and Psychology:

To prepare competent, caring, and qualified professionals in the fields of education, psychology and counseling, to foster discovery and to advance the knowledge base in our respective disciplines.


The College of Education and Psychology is nationally recognized and respected for its academic programs and opportunities. It is a center of academic excellence, scholarly inquiry, and public service. The College prepares leaders to meet the critical challenges of the 21st Century, to make significant contributions to local and global communities, and to work toward individual and cultural equity.


The mission of the College of Education and Psychology is to provide a positive environment that fosters the acquisition of knowledge and skills. The mission is individually and collectively realized through a community of scholars that contributes to knowledge through scholarly inquiry, organizes knowledge for application, understanding and communication, and provides leadership and service. Additionally, the College is committed to affirming and promoting global perspectives, cultural diversity, social justice, ethical practice and respect for individual differences as a means of enhancing learning, service, leadership and scholarship.

College of Education and Psychology Strategic Plan 2020-2021

UT Tyler's Texas Education Agency Status Report 2017-2018