UT Tyler Longview University Center

Longview University Center

LUC Development Council

2022-23 UT Tyler Longview University Center Development Council Members:

  • Linda Robinett, Chair
  • John King, Jr., Vice-Chair
  • Nancy Abernathy
  • Alfonso Charles
  • Angela Choy
  • Jay Garland
  • Peggy Garland
  • Helene Hakim
  • Drew Jackson
  • Madison Mack
  • John Merkel
  • Darryl Primo
  • Jesus Rabadan
  • Perry Reed
  • Christopher Rhudy
  • Linda Thomas
  • Tom Tibiletti

The University of Texas at Tyler Longview University Center Development Council is a volunteer organization. Members help promote the Longview University Center and assist with fundraising activities. Monies raised are used solely to benefit the LUC.

Since its inception the LUC Development Council has had a tremendous impact on the success of the LUC. They have served as ambassadors for the center and raised funds to purchase equipment and provide scholarships to help students achieve their academic goals.

The faculty, staff and students of the LUC are grateful for their hard work and support.