gonfalon banners displayed in a row representing each academic house

Academic Houses

Academic Houses

The UT Tyler School of Medicine is dedicated to growing student physicians academically, professionally, and socially. The four Academic Houses were created to give students the ability to connect in small groups and learn from each other holistically.

The goals/purpose of the Academic Houses are to:

    1. Foster positive, authentic relationships between students, staff, and faculty that promote respect and community.
    2. Provide vertical (within cohort) and horizontal (between cohorts) integration of medical students across cohorts to encourage community and foster creative solutions and support systems for common student issues.
    3. Support students’ professional identity formation through mentoring conversations, guided reflection, and professionalism discussions to promote student excellence as students’ progress through medical school.
    4. Provide safe, shared spaces where students can discuss personal and professional difficulties to enhance overall wellbeing and perseverance.
    5. Offer enriching opportunities for social networking and service.

At the UT Tyler School of Medicine, each student is placed into one of our four houses during welcome week. Each house will host socials, wellness reflections, community service events, and compete in friendly competitions with the other houses.