Frequently Asked Questions


What is TCHATT?

  • Texas Child Health Access Through Telemedicine, or TCHATT, is a telehealth program that offers FREE access to mental health services across the state of Texas, including a real-time multidisciplinary team of behavioral health experts, social workers, and child psychiatrists.
  • TCHATT partners with participating school districts to increase access to mental health support and services to school staff and their students. These services are provided at no cost to independent school districts, students, and their families.

What services does TCHATT offer?

TCHATT offers a wide range of services for schools and families including:

  • For Students/Families
    • Pre-crisis intervention for children with behavioral health concerns – intervening when children are experiencing acute mental health symptoms, preventing a decline and the need for more intense services
    • Up to five sessions a year for assessment, brief intervention, and stabilization through a telemedicine platform for students enrolled in grades first - 12th. (Services occur through telemedicine at the student’s school.)
    • Care coordination to assist with connecting the student to mental health resources and communitysupport systems
  • For School Staff
    • Consultation on mental health protocols, screening, and programming.
    • Mental health education and training

 Who can be referred to TCHATT?

Criteria may vary, but common signs a student is experiencing a crisis and should be considered for referral to TCHATT include:

  • Changes in Mood or Behavior
    • Becoming more isolated
    • Lack of interest
    • Changes in sleep
    • Always sad, angry, or irritated
  • Challenging Relationships
    • Arguing with friends, teachers, or family members
    • Sudden changes with friendships or relationships
    • No longer interested in important relationships
    • Anxiety or High Stress
  • Anxiety or high stress
    • Feeling fearful
    • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
    • Avoiding certain places or people
    • Panic attacks (breathing fast, heart pounding, pressure in chest, hands tingling, head spinning)
  • Thoughts of Suicide or Self-Harm
    • Making statements about not wanting to live
    • Not wanting to wake up
    • Non-accidental injuries
    • Statements about being a burden to others

How does a student get referred to TCHATT?

  • Any school staff member (teacher, coach, counselor, etc.) can refer a student who they believe could benefit from TCHATT’s services to the school’s designated TCHATT liaison.

How do I contact the TCHATT program in my region to get more information or to get services set up at my student’s school?


If a student is experiencing an emergency, please follow your district protocol. Please be aware that TCHATT is not able to guarantee same-day appointments.

Please note: TCHATT is an access-to-care program designed to provide short-term services to resolve acute concerns while linking individuals and families to community-based providers.