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Welcome to the Just in Time Medical Needs Shelter (MNS) Training Module!

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This site is intended to help medical and non-medical volunteers become acquainted with the MNS experience. We appreciate your willingness to volunteer your time, energy, and skills. Our goal is to prepare you to successfully participate in the operation of a shelter.

Locate the category to the left specific to your role in the shelter. We request that all volunteers complete the general overview module to understand what a MNS involves. After completing the general overview, complete the module for your specific shelter role. Each module runs approximately 15 – 20 minutes. This training module answers general questions and gives you a sense of what to expect. We have gathered general principles that apply in virtually every MNS shelter; however, please keep in mind each disaster creates unique and unforeseen circumstances.

Thank you for your service – may real happiness and satisfaction find you!

Medical Needs Shelter Overview

Training Modules based on Role