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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

The Central Science

Chemistry underpins understanding and progress in almost every sphere of science, technology, medicine and industry. With a Bachelor of Science in chemistry, you’ll learn to advance the quality of life from many angles — from fueling new drug developments to exploring alternative energy sources — making it an ideal science for confronting problems at the global level.

A BS in chemistry from UT Tyler can take you in a number of directions. Our program will train you for three distinct career paths that reflect our commitment to East Texas through advancing healthcare, innovative research and supporting the economy.

Why Major in Chemistry at UT Tyler?

Chemistry shapes our world, contributing to new developments across industries. UT Tyler’s BS in chemistry acknowledges this: We want you to start making discoveries here and to take this can-do mindset out into the workforce, be it for a research or industry role, into the health professions or to captivate future students with this scientific field’s possibilities.

UT Tyler’s BS in chemistry is a certified degree through the American Chemical Society. The ACS recognizes any student completing this degree as a certified chemist. Learn more about how our program trains you to make an impact through your passion and curiosity:

  • Research: From the start, you’ll work closely with professors on meaningful research using the department’s state-of-the-art facilities. Gain valuable experience with a variety of research opportunities in all five areas of chemistry — analytical, organic, inorganic, physical and biochemistry.
  • Mentorship: Guidance and mentorship are integral to the Bachelor of Science in chemistry program. Discussing your goals with our expert faculty will help you reach your goals, whether developing a plan to pursue an advanced degree or planning to start a career in industry after graduation.
  • Preparation for the health professions: Interested in medical school? Through intensive, hands-on preparation, research opportunities and UT Tyler’s mission to advance healthcare in East Texas, our chemistry graduates have a high acceptance rate into medical and dental schools and physician assistant and other health professions graduate programs.
  • Preparation for graduate school: Interested in MS in Chemistry? Our program will prepare you well for our MS in Chemistry.

What You’ll Learn

The BS in chemistry starts with a core sequence covering essential disciplines, theories and applications. Our BS in Chemistry is approved by the American Chemical Society, and you will earn the graduate recognition as an ACS-certified chemist.

Core Requirements

Core chemistry courses, taken by all chemistry majors, include:

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • General Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Macromolecular, Supramolecular and Nanoscale Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry

Core Chemistry Major Requirements


You’ll acquire a solid understanding of chemical principles, gain basic laboratory skills and develop skills in oral and written communication. The program prepares you for graduate study in chemistry or related fields or for a career as a professional chemist. This track provides a solid foundation for those planning to attend medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary and other health-related programs.

Learn More About the Biochemistry Emphasis

Chemistry Teacher Certification

Think about what initially grabbed your interest in chemistry and encouraged your curiosity.

Look ahead to a career introducing high school or middle school students to chemistry’s principles, possibilities and applications. This emphasis further equips you to obtain the composite science certification at the high school or middle school level.

Any student completing this emphasis degree is not only eligible to sit for the teacher certification exam but is also recognized as a certified chemist by the ACS.

Learn More About the Teacher Certification Emphasis

What Can You Do With a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry?

Prepare to drive the future of pharmaceutical design and development, alternative energy research, medicinal research, biochemistry, biotechnology, nanotechnology, forensics, environmental chemistry, polymer chemistry and many other industries relying on the principles and applications of chemistry.

Considering these applications, graduates have started careers with The Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Lab, Los Alamos National Lab and SA Scientific, Ltd., among other leading employers.

Recent graduates have pursued graduate and professional programs at Stanford University, The Ohio State University, UT Southwestern Medical School and the Baylor School of Medicine.

How to Apply

The University of Texas at Tyler offers a streamlined admissions process for all undergraduate students. Have questions or concerns? Our admissions team can guide you through all requirements and answer any questions you may have. Reflecting our reputation as one of the most affordable colleges in the state, our financial aid team helps you explore all scholarships, grants and other forms of assistance.

For admissions decisions in general:

  • UT Tyler automatically accepts students from the Top 25% of graduating classes in Texas.
  • Students from the 2nd to 4th quartiles must have a 2.75 or higher GPA.

Ready to apply? Review all undergraduate requirements to get started.

Start Your Application

UT Tyler has established partnerships with community colleges across Texas, allowing for a seamless transfer of your credits. Our relationships let you stick with your degree plan and graduate on time, right on your schedule.

Learn More About Transfer Pathways

Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

July 1

ApplyTexas application opens for incoming first-year students.

October 1

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid opens for the upcoming academic year.

December 1

Application deadline to be eligible for scholarships.

May 1

Deadline for Valedictorian, Salutatorian and Transfer Presidential scholarships.

August 1

Deadline for Patriot Promise Scholarship.

Next Steps

Get ready to make a difference. Discover all the places a chemistry degree from UT Tyler can take you.