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Embrace responsibility for the unique healthcare needs of rural and hard-to-reach populations in East Texas and beyond. In the School of Medicine’s new Doctor of Medicine program, train under world-class faculty focused on preparing outstanding physicians to serve this region.

Learn to provide cutting-edge treatments on a campus that actively conducts externally funded biomedical research. Gain extensive experience with a range of populations through community outreach programs and clinical rotations. Benefit from the mentorship of experienced practitioners dedicated to improving health outcomes and forming students into mission-driven, compassionate physicians who meet the highest standards of professionalism and patient care.

Why Earn an MD Degree at UT Tyler?

East Texas acutely needs more physicians to provide adequate access to medical care and address health disparities affecting rural communities. Too often, students from the region go to medical school in the state’s major population centers and never return.

The University of Texas at Tyler founded the School of Medicine with a bold vision to bring the highest levels of medical education to our region to train those with a passion to serve their communities through research-informed care.

In UT Tyler’s MD program, be part of a unique mission intended to make a decisive impact for years to come:

  • World-Class Faculty: Develop on many levels as you train under active practitioners, talented educators and researchers working on innovative approaches to health issues in the region.
  • Unique Mission: Choose a program animated by a distinctive vision of offering outstanding care to underserved populations and reducing healthcare disparities.
  • Whole-Person Focus: Look beyond disease and prepare to provide culturally competent care that takes into account emotional and mental health and community dynamics.
  • Innovative Culture: Join a community actively seeking new ways to organize healthcare provision, treat disease and promote patient outcomes with a focus on the region’s particular needs.
  • Research Climate: Enrich your learning with the resources of a research university. Faculty at the UT Tyler Health Science Center develop new approaches to lung injury and repair, infectious lung diseases, cancer and more with funding from the National Institutes of Health and other external partners.
  • Local Residency Opportunities: After your studies, pursue a residency in the region to maintain your relationships and deepen your understanding of local needs. The University of Texas at Tyler’s Graduate Medical Education department plans to sponsor more than 200 resident physicians throughout the UT Health East Texas system by 2025 in multiple specialty areas, such as primary care, pediatrics, OB-GYN and surgery.
  • Outstanding Facilities: The main campus, the School of Medicine, the School of Health Professions, the School of Nursing and the UT Health East Texas Hospital system collectively strengthen UT Tyler’s status as a regional hub of education, research and clinical care. Expected to open in 2025, our new $308 million Medical Education Building will add 248,000 square feet for clinical facilities and learning with the latest technologies.


The School of Medicine structures the Doctor of Medicine program as a four-year, residential course of study that prepares students to pursue licensing as a medical doctor.

In the first three semesters, build an in-depth understanding of the human body’s systems and functions along with the dynamics of wellness and disease. At the same time, learn the foundational practices of patient care in supervised settings.

During years two through four, continue to deepen your knowledge of medicine and gain substantial clinical experience through rotations in various specialization areas.

Graduate ready to continue your training as a resident with:

  • Thorough knowledge of biomedical, epidemiological, clinical and behavioral science, and the ability to apply these disciplines effectively to specific situations in patient care.
  • Developed capacity for compassionate, competent patient care with particular attentiveness to the needs of rural populations.
  • High personal standards of professionalism and ethical care.
  • A dedication to continuous learning and improvement in the light of experience and research.
  • The ability to communicate clearly and appropriately with patients, families and other health professionals.

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What Can You Do With an MD?

Use your expert knowledge of human health and clinical skills to build a rewarding career as a doctor addressing the medical needs of patients here in East Texas or in medical research, education or innovation.

On the national level, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects moderate growth in the number of physician and surgeon positions available. AAMC Medical Schools and Teaching Hospitals collectively contribute $728 billion to the economy and are responsible for 7.1 million jobs across the country.

Yet, experts predict growing difficulties in filling those positions, especially in rural communities like those surrounding Tyler. Your skills and your passions are needed here. AAMC schools like the UT Tyler School of Medicine are not only more likely to serve rural regions, but residents remain in their communities following graduation to continue serving patients and improving care quality.

Prepare to leverage your unique training and perspective to deliver vital care to underserved populations wherever your path leads.

How to Apply

To be eligible for admission to the MD program, you must have completed a minimum of 90 semester hours at an accredited U.S. or Canadian college or university. Applicants must complete the following prerequisites prior to matriculation:

  • Biology - 11 semester hours, two of which must be labs.
  • Physics - Eight semester hours, two of which must be labs.
  • Chemistry - 12 semester hours, including one of the following combinations:
    • Two semesters of organic chemistry and one semester of general inorganic chemistry (for a total of nine semester hours with three labs).
    • Two semesters of inorganic general chemistry and one semester of organic chemistry (for a total of nine semester hours with three labs).
  • Biochemistry - Three semester hours.
  • English - Three semester hours of composition-based coursework.
  • Math - Three semester hours of statistics.

You must also have earned a minimum GPA of 3.0 for the last 30 hours of coursework in biology, physics, chemistry and math.

To apply, submit the following materials through the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Services website:

  • Completed TMDSAS application.
  • Undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) transcripts.
  • MCAT scores. UT Tyler requires a minimum score of 492 using the confidence cut-off and bases our evaluation on your best score from the past five years from the year of application submission.
  • Essays (see TMDSAS instructions).
  • Letters of recommendation. Please submit a minimum of three letters or one Health Professions Committee Letter/Packet with the option to submit one additional letter. Letters should come from individuals who know you academically or professionally (e.g., faculty member, advisor, mentor, supervisor, etc.).
  • Supplemental applications (as requested), which may include prerequisite verification and additional essay questions.
  • Completion of the Casper Situational Judgment Test through Acuity Insights.
  • Completion of a Duet profile through Acuity Insights.
Review All Admission Requirements

For 2023-2024, the estimated tuition and fees for in-state enrollment is $22,382*. To see tuition for out-of-state students as well as other expenses associated with your studies, visit tuition and financial aid.

*One of the lowest tuition and fee rates in the country.

UT Tyler School of Medicine accepts applications from May 2 to November 1 through the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service. Below is a month-by-month timeline of what you can expect while progressing through the application process.

Please contact the UT Tyler School of Medicine Office of Admissions if you have any additional questions:

Phone: 903.877.7566

May 2024

  • May 1: 2024-2025 Application opens via TMDSAS.
  • May 15: Application submissions open on TMDSAS.

June 2024

  • UT Tyler SOM will begin inviting applicants to complete the secondary application.
  • Completed applications are reviewed in a timely and ongoing fashion.

July 2024

  • The SOM reviews completed applications in a timely and ongoing fashion.

August 2024

  • Interview season begins.
  • Aug. 13: In-person interviews.
  • Aug. 30: In-person interviews.

October 2024

  • Oct. 8: In-person interviews.
  • Oct. 15: In-person interviews.
  • Oct. 26: In-person interviews.

November 2024

  • Nov. 1: Deadline to complete the primary application on TMDSAS.
  • Nov. 13: First round of pre-match admissions offers announced.
  • Nov. 14: In-person interviews.
  • Nov. 14: UT Tyler SOM deadline for completing:
    • Casper and Duet from Acuity Insights.
  • Nov. 15: Deadline for completing: 
    • Submission of MCAT scores.
    • Secondary Application.
    • Submission of Letters of Recommendation.
  • Nov. 19: In-person interviews.

December 2024

  • Dec. 5: In-person interviews.
  • Dec. 17: In-person interviews.

January 2025

  • Jan. 10: In-person interviews.
  • Jan. 17: In-person interviews.
  • Jan. 29: Second round of Pre-Match admissions offers made.
  • Jan. 31: Submission deadline for student ranking of school preference list.

February 2025

  • Feb. 14: TMDSAS Match Day.
  • Rolling admissions period begins.
  • Accepted applicants receive pre-matriculation information.
  • Reapplication Workshop - Date TBD

March 2025

  • Accepted applicants receive pre-matriculation information.

April 2025

  • April 30: Applicants with multiple offers must decide which program to attend and withdraw from other schools.

May 2025

  • May 15: Last day an applicant can be called from a waitlist of a higher-ranked Texas medical school.
  • May 16: Spring Preview (Invitation Only Event for matched/accepted applicants).
  • 2024-2025 Applications Open via TMDSAS.

June 2025

  • Applicants may be selected from the waitlist until the beginning of Welcome Week at the UT Tyler School of Medicine (June 25-29, 2025).


Macy Reed
Growing up in East Texas, I was so excited to hear about the plans for the UTT School of Medicine, which would allow me to stay close to home and give back to my community while pursuing a medical degree. My decision to attend medical school in East Texas allowed me to have the continued support of family and friends, as well as access to service opportunities within our strong hospital systems and community partners. Attending UT Tyler has allowed me to be a part of a huge step towards meeting the needs of the East Texas community and also allowed me to encourage other students that they can pursue their career and education goals here in Tyler.

Macy Reed, MD, '27

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Your future starts here. Answer the call to serve East Texas at UT Tyler.