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Master of Arts in Political Science

Shape the Conversation

Lead the way with thoughtful analysis and a global perspective on politics. In The University of Texas at Tyler’s Master of Arts in political science program, study the field’s key subdisciplines and develop exceptional skills in research and critical thinking.

Choose electives to broaden your expertise with our uniquely flexible curriculum, and grow as a scholar under the direction of published faculty mentors. Graduate ready for doctoral programs, teaching at the junior college level or positions in the private or public sector that leverage your abilities and knowledge of the political system.

Why Earn a Master’s in Political Science at UT Tyler?

Politics is messy but also an indispensable area of human interaction where we navigate the difficulties of living together peaceably for the common good. Maybe you’re drawn to political science out of the desire to help others better understand this critical area as a teacher. Perhaps you also hope to contribute to society’s understanding and bring greater clarity through research.

Or, you seek to engage with the political system on the ground to bring about positive change here in East Texas or across the state.

Whatever your goals, build a foundation for your career at UT Tyler through:

  • World-Class Faculty: Learn from recognized authorities and prolific scholars. Our faculty have published numerous articles and books, including What is Global Studies-Theory and Practice, Political Change in the Texas Electorate, Edward Said on the Prospects of Peace in Palestine and Israel, Bill Ratliff-A Profile of Courage and Leadership in American Politics, U.S. First Ladies, and Buddhism in Burmese Politics. They regularly present at academic conferences and actively participate in professional organizations.
  • Model UN: Join our award-winning Model United Nations Program to explore new cultures, develop your knowledge in international relations and build professional connections. UT Tyler students participate in Model United Nations conferences on both national and international levels.
  • D.C. Internship: Get a unique view into U.S. politics as an Archer Fellow. Through this competitive program involving an internship placement, spend a summer in the nation’s capital, taking classes and immersing yourself in current issues and discussions.
  • Affordability: Build your skills without building a burden of debt. We offset our already-low tuition with graduate assistantships, scholarships and other forms of financial support.


The master’s in political science is a 36-credit-hour course of study you can complete in two years. The Department of Political Science gears the program toward those planning to pursue doctoral studies, teach at the junior college level or start roles valuing careful, contextual thinking and extensive political knowledge.

Five foundational seminars introduce you to key subdisciplines from a broad angle: political methodology, political theory, comparative politics, international relations and American government.

Electives in all five sub disciplines give you flexibility to add to your expertise. Explore areas that interest you through courses like International Political Economy, Populism, Media and Politics, Theory and Violence, and Russia in the 21th century.

Graduate ready to:

  • Explain and apply core concepts in the main subdisciplines of political science.
  • Teach a wide array of classes at the junior college level.
  • Successfully apply to doctoral programs in political science.
  • Conduct scholarly research.
  • Use critical analytic skills to find creative solutions to complex problems.
  • Communicate effectively in both written and oral contexts.

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What Can You Do With a Master’s in Political Science?

Your sharp analytical skills, knowledge of the political process and global perspective enrich numerous fields and highlight several paths ahead. Contribute in both private and public sectors to social advocacy, government administration, politics, legislation, consulting, business and foreign service.

Your degree qualifies you for positions including:

  • Campaign Manager
  • Canvassing Manager
  • Consular Officer
  • Environmental Advocate
  • Foreign Affairs Officer
  • Policy Analyst
  • Political Scientist
  • Program Officer

Outside of campaigns and advocacy, embark on a teaching position at the junior college level to enlighten students on the workings of the U.S. political system and encourage debate around current issues. Or, use your master’s degree as a springboard to doctoral studies and a career in research and instruction at the university level.

How to Apply

UT Tyler opens admission to the master’s in political science program to those with a baccalaureate degree in any discipline from an accredited college or university.

To be considered for admission, you need:

See additional requirements for applicants with bachelor’s degrees from foreign institutions.

UT Tyler may additionally consider the following factors: your demonstrated commitment to your chosen field of study, socioeconomic background, whether you are a first-generation college graduate, multilingual proficiency, geographic region of residence and level of responsibility in other matters, including extracurricular activities, employment, community service and family responsibilities.

Review All Application Requirements

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The estimated tuition for full-time, in-state, on-campus enrollment is $15,660. Tuition varies by delivery method and hours taken per semester. Calculate your estimated tuition with the tuition calculator.

February 28

Application deadline for summer admission for international students.

April 15

Application deadline for summer admission for domestic students.

April 30

Application deadline for fall admission for international students.

August 15

Application deadline for fall admission for domestic students.

October 1

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid opens for the upcoming academic year.

October 30

Application deadline for spring admission for international students.

December 20

Application deadline for spring admission for domestic students.


Chris Nafrady
I was able to graduate within three years with my bachelor's and transition into the MA in political science graduate program with the added incentive to work as the political science and history graduate assistant/research assistant. This university invests in my success.

Chris Nafrady

MA in Political Science, 2018

Next Steps

Your future starts here. Develop as a political science scholar at UT Tyler.