Academic Advising

Patriot Principles for Academic Excellence


The Patriot Principles for Academic Excellence seminar is a credit/no credit course for any undergraduate students who wishes to implement research-based best practices and success strategies for academic excellence. The seminar comprises crucial lectures and activities covering cognitive learning theory, critical thinking, growth mindset, stress and time management, and more. Students are also connected with UT Tyler resources. Academic programs may require students to take this course if they are experiencing challenges.

UT Tyler is here to support you and provide you with the tools to reach your goal of earning an undergraduate degree. This course is part of Academic Success programming for all undergraduate students, and so anyone can enroll either in-person or online. We especially invite first years, international students, transfer students, and students on academic probation to enroll.


You may be auto-enrolled or enroll yourself by emailing the course instructor and program coordinator, Sidney Wilson, at You can also reach out to your your academic advisor.


Spring 2024 Syllabi:

UNIV 1002.001

UNIV 1002.002

UNIV 1002.003

UNIV 1002.004

UNIV 1002.005

UNIV 1002.060