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No, But Really, What Can You Do With An English Degree? – Panel Discussion

  • Segment 1: What feelings, goals, or experiences made you want to become an English major? (Length – 9:57)

  • Segment 2: To expand your marketability, what minor have you selected and why? (Length – 8:12)

  • Segment 3: Why would you recommend English as a major or minor to anyone? (Length – 4:00)

  • Segment 4: What are your career aspirations? What are the career options for ENGL majors? (Length – 6:17)

  • Segment 5: What encouragement would you give to people who really want to be English majors but feel pressure to do something else? What are the common misperceptions of the ENGL Major? (Length – 8:26)

  • Segment 6: How can & should an ENGL major market themselves? What can ENGL majors do while in school to build a personal brand and explore career options? (Length – 11:11)

  • Segment 7: Final Advice for Future English Majors (Length – 9:12)