Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services

Policies and Procedures

UT Tyler Student Accessibility and Resources Student Guide to Using Interpreter/Captioning Services

Student Accessibility and Resources (SAR) will provide interpreter/captioning services for classes, related academic requirements, and non-academic out-of-class activities sponsored by the University. interpreter/captioning services are in high demand and the availability of qualified individuals is somewhat limited. Providing interpreter/captioning services requires advance planning and cooperation from students to ensure that effective services are provided in a timely and effective manner. This guide will outline procedures to ensure that you have access to interpreter/captionist services for your classes, meetings, and other university-sponsored events.


Interpreters/Captionists for Classes

STUDENTS requesting interpreting/captioning services should be aware that interpreting/captioning is a specialized service and that interpreters/captionist providers need advanced notice when accepting assignments. Please note that an official request for services will not be made until the student uploads their accommodation notices for their classes each semester using the AIM student portal. Students should give as much notice as possible (4 to 6 weeks preferred) when requesting the service for a full semester.


New students must submit appropriate documentation (see documentation requirements) that is reviewed by the Accommodation Review Committee which meets on a weekly basis. Subsequently, the student will be asked to schedule an appointment with a Student Accessibility Coordinator to discuss accommodation needs, register for services, and any resultant need for interpreter/captioning services.


Interpreters/Captionists for Meetings and Special Events

You may request interpreters/captionists for various meetings and events including, but not limited to:


  • Meetings with instructors
  • Review session offered by instructor or Supplemental Instruction (SI)
  • Academic advising
  • Career success meetings
  • Financial aid  
  • Tutoring
  • Meetings of Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)
  • Special event or program sponsored by the University*

*UT Tyler does not provide interpreters for parties and other social events.


To request an interpreter/captionist for a meeting or special event email the SAR Office main email at and indicate the following:


  • In the subject line:
    • Request for Interpreting/Captioning
  • In the body of the email:
    • Student Full Name o Student ID Number
    • Service requested (interpreter or captioning)
    • Name of activity
    • Date, time, location of activity  

The request will be forwarded to the SAR Interpreter/Captioning Coordinator (“Coordinator”) who will then contact the student with the requisite approval, denial, or request for more information, if necessary.


All meeting or special event requests are subject to interpreter/captionist availability, should be submitted at least five (5) business days prior to the meeting or special event and must be approved by the Coordinator. Any request received with less than five (5) business days’ notice will be considered a “last minute request”. We will make every effort to fill that request but cannot guarantee interpreter/captionist availability.



If you know that you will not be attending a class or appointment, please contact the SAR Office main email at We ask that you provide notice of cancellation at least 24-48 hours in advance so that we can cancel the interpreter or captionist. This will prevent the interpreter/captionist from making an unnecessary trip to campus and allow valuable interpreter/captionist services to be used to benefit another person. The student is responsible for notifying SAR of any changes affecting the class such as location or dates when class will not be held.


Students are NOT to ask the interpreters/captionists to provide special services for them (i.e. tutoring, help with registration, etc.). All services must be arranged through the Coordinator. If the student asks the interpreter/captionist to provide a service that has not been scheduled by the Coordinator, SAR cannot be responsible for payment of those services since SAR cannot reimburse providers for services which have not been arranged by the Coordinator in advance.



We understand that situations can sometimes arise at the last minute that may prevent you from attending class. However, we must be responsible for ensuring that interpreter/captioning resources are used wisely. As a result, SAR has developed a No-Show Policy to ensure that valuable

interpreter/captioning services are used in a responsible manner. This policy is consistent with those of other 4-year colleges and universities.


No-Show Policy

No-Show Policy If a student misses a class without informing the SAR office or Coordinator, the interpreter/captionist provider has been instructed to inform SAR that the student missed the class. The interpreter/captionist will wait 30 minutes before reporting to the Coordinator. If the student’s tardiness exceeds the time limit, NO services will be provided for that class period. 


If the interpreter/captionist is late, the student should contact the SAR office immediately regarding the interpreter’s absence. If the interpreter/captionist does not show for the class, SAR will make every effort to make other arrangements for the student to have access to the information presented in that class (i.e., arrange a meeting with the student and their instructor, send a recorder to class to be transcribed later).


The No-Show policy provides for three absences per class, per semester. This gives you a chance to miss class due to emergency or illness. A No-Show is any cancellation given with less than 24-hours’ notice.


1st No-Show: FREE. We understand that conflicts can arise at the last minute.


2nd No-Show: REMINDER. We will send you a reminder that you have two No-Shows  for that class.  


3rd No-Show: HOLD. Interpreter/Captioning services for that specific class will be  suspended until you meet with the Coordinator and Assistant Director of SAR to reinstate services.


You will be notified in writing when you have a HOLD for interpreter/captioning services. Contact the SAR office immediately at to schedule a meeting. At that meeting we will discuss the policy and allow you the opportunity to explain your situation. Special circumstances, such as serious illness or family emergency, will be taken into consideration. After the meeting, services may be reinstated for that class. If you have questions about the No-Show policy, please feel free to contact the SAR office and schedule a meeting with a Student Accessibility Coordinator or Assistant Director.


Role of the Interpreter/Captionist

The interpreter/captionist’s role is to facilitate communication between the deaf or hard-of-hearing student and the hearing persons in the educational environment. Interpreter/Captioning services are provided to give you the same opportunity to realize your academic potential, based on your own abilities and efforts, as is provided to your hearing classmates. Please remember that the

interpreter/captionist is not to serve as an instructor, note-taker, tutor, counselor, or advisor. In class, if you do not understand something that was said or feel that you have missed something, ask the instructor to repeat it or explain it. The interpreter/captionist is not responsible for retaining or repeating information you miss.


Interpreter Code of Professional Conduct

All interpreters contracting with UT Tyler adhere to the code of professional conduct developed by the Texas Board for Evaluation of Interpreters and the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. This ensures that all information that takes place during and outside of class is kept confidential. Interpreters may not participate in class, socialize with you or other students while interpreting, or discuss your grades or progress with anyone.


Interpreters/Captionists are required to be on time for class and other assignments. If an

interpreter/captionist does not show up for class, please contact the SAR office immediately in order for arrangements to be made.


Monitoring of Services

The Coordinator is responsible for assigning interpreters/captionists based on professional knowledge of a student’s preferred mode of communication and the ability of the interpreter/captionist to render information effectively. The Coordinator may monitor the classroom situation occasionally throughout the semester to ensure that the assignment of interpreters/captionists is appropriate for an individual student. Feel free to communicate directly with your interpreters/captionists if you are having difficulty with their communication style. If you are not satisfied with an interpreter/captionist, contact the SAR office at so that appropriate action can be taken.


At the end of each semester, students will be asked to evaluate interpreter/captioning services. This information assists us in our efforts to provide quality services. Your feedback is important to us, so please contact the SAR office if you have questions or concerns about interpreter/captioning services.


Assistive Listening Devices


Students with hearing impairment may request the use of an Assistive Listening Device (ALD) for use in the classroom environment. The ALD utilizes a microphone and transmitter unit (worn by the instructor) and a receiver and headset (worn by the student). The instructor’s speech is transmitted to the student’s receiver unit (via FM radio signal) and the student has the ability to control volume and other settings. These devices must be checked out at the beginning of the semester and the student is responsible for the equipment. Battery replacement is the student’s responsibility during the semester. The devices must be returned to the SAR office and checked back in with the Coordinator of D/HH Services at the end of the semester to ensure the device will work for the next semester.