Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

What are the PASS Tutoring Services?

PASS Tutoring Services is a peer-lead tutoring service offered in classrooms around campus. Tutoring is offered in person on a walk-in basis, and online tutoring is offered on an appointment basis. PASS Tutoring offers peer tutoring one on one and in groups in several freshmen and sophomore level courses spanning chemistry, math, physics, and business topics.

What can students expect when they visit PASS Tutoring?

We offer a challenge and support approach in PASS Tutoring. Our tutors will challenge your students to think critically and learn independent learning skills in a collaborative learning environment.  

This means our tutors are not there to give students the answers or do their work for them. After all, our tutors cannot be in class with them when they take their exams. Instead, our tutors can guide students to find the answers on their own, share tips for studying and learning the content from their time taking the course, and help break down difficult content in a way that may be easier to understand.  

Our tutors often help students in a group setting, so they will float from student to student. They are sure to assist each student and answer their questions to the best of their abilities. In order to assist as many students as possible, we do not guarantee one on one time with our tutors even if students make an online appointment.

What are the PASS Tutors’ qualifications?

All our tutors are students as well. We consider the faculty members on campus the content experts for the courses we tutor, and always refer students back to their faculty members. Our tutors go through a selective hiring process that requires that they have taken the course(s) they support, earned an A or B, and are faculty recommended. On top of these high qualifications, our tutors are rigorously trained throughout the semester to ensure that our students have the best experience while visiting PASS Tutoring.

How are classes chosen to be supported for tutoring in PASS Tutoring?

Courses are chosen based on institutional data, such as historically high DFW rates, enrollment rates, and whether a class is considered a gateway course. If you are interested in having your course supported by PASS Tutoring, please contact us! We are always interested in partnering with faculty.

What is the instructor’s role if their course is supported by PASS Tutoring?

The most important element to the success of PASS Tutoring is the endorsement of the faculty. Faculty members do not supervise or train PASS Tutors, but when instructors encourage their students to visit PASS Tutoring, attendance has been shown to increase.

Additionally, we ask that you please give our tutors access to your canvas course(s) as a “Tutor” role. In this role, the PASS tutor cannot see any grades. However, they can make announcements regarding their tutoring hours and keep up with the class.

Can my students get extra credit for seeing PASS tutors?

Yes, but they must bring a slip for us to complete showing they attended tutoring. We cannot share student information with faculty members because part of our promise to our students is that attendance is anonymous. We do not want any bias to come from our students attending tutoring, whether positive or negative. However, if a student asks for us to sign a slip saying they attending to submit to their professor, the student thereby waives that anonymity.

How can students become PASS Tutors?

If you have a student you would like to recommend to be a PASS Tutor, please contact Rhiannon (Dolly) Meyer, our Coordinator of Academic Support at rmeyer@uttyler.edu or 903-565-5549.

In order to be a PASS Tutor, the student must:

  • Be a currently enrolled University of Texas at Tyler student making satisfactory progress toward completion of a degree program.
  • Be a high school graduate or GED equivalent.
  • Overall UT Tyler GPA of 3.0 or above AND must have earned a Grade of A or B in course(s) wish to support.

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