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Second Bachelor’s, Dual-Credit Enrollment, Readmission, Transient and Summer Students

You Are Forging Your Own Path. We Can Help You Get There.

Start directing your future at any time — as a working adult ready to embark on a new career, a high schooler wanting to prepare for college, a college student rounding out your studies or as a former Patriot looking to resume your journey. Whatever your path or goals, plan for what’s ahead at The University of Texas at Tyler.

How to Apply to The University of Texas at Tyler

Our step-by-step process makes the application process as simple as possible. Please note the different requirements for a second bachelor’s, dual-credit enrollment, transient/visiting students and readmission before taking the next step.

Complete Your Application

The admissions process usually entails an application form, a nonrefundable fee and supporting documents like official transcripts or enrollment forms, when noted.

Apply for Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for second bachelor’s, readmission and transient/visiting summer students.

Confirm Your Spot and Enroll

Once admitted, pay a deposit or fee to hold your spot at UT Tyler. You may also have to register for courses or confirm your selection. Be mindful of deadlines.

Application Requirements

Make sure to review the requirements that apply to your status or specific goals. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by email at admissions@uttyler.edu or by phone at 903.566.7457 or the Office of Graduate Admissions by email at ogs@uttyler.edu or by phone at 903.566.7457 based on how you plan to apply.

To earn a second baccalaureate degree from UT Tyler, you must complete (if not taken as part of the first degree):

  • Requirements for the second major.
  • Six hours of U.S. history.
  • Three hours of Texas government. 
  • Three hours of U.S. government.
  • Any lower-level requirements for the second degree.

A second baccalaureate degree requires the completion of a minimum of 30 semester hours of resident credit in addition to the hours required for the first degree.

UT Tyler’s supportive, affordable dual-credit enrollment program allows you to earn college credit before you finish your senior year of high school.

Dual-credit enrollment lets high school students take college courses on their high school’s campus, through an in-person or hybrid format on the UT Tyler campus, or through UT Tyler Online. A credentialed instructor or UT faculty member teaches the class. At the end of the session, students receive credit that can go toward their high school graduation requirements and a college degree.

Apply for Dual-Credit Enrollment

Available Courses


Texas Success Initiative

Dual-Credit Financial Aid FAQs

Take advantage of our engaging, hands-on approach even when pursuing a degree at another university. As a transient or visiting summer class student, you can register for one of our classes without enrolling on a regular basis. Your application as a transient student remains valid for up to one year after submission.

How to Apply

If applying as a transient student:

  • Submit a completed transient application for admission.
  • UT Tyler requires a nonrefundable $60 application fee for U.S. citizens and permanent residents and a nonrefundable $75 international application fee for all non-U.S. citizens. UT Tyler requires the fee to process your application.
  • Complete the entire transient approval form. UT Tyler does not process incomplete forms. Contact Undergraduate Admissions at 903.566.7203 or admissions@uttyler.edu to verify receipt of form and/or course registration.

If applying as a visiting summer class student:

  • Complete the transfer ApplyTexas application and select “non-degree” as your major. UT Tyler requires a nonrefundable $60 application fee when you submit the application.
  • Within approximately 48 hours, you will receive an email that includes your UT Tyler EID, which allows you to access myUTTyler.
  • An admissions representative will contact you to facilitate the remainder of the admissions and registration processes.

Students later interested in enrolling at UT Tyler on a regular basis then need to apply as a transfer or graduate student.


If the course you seek has prerequisites, you must supply a copy of an official transcript showing where you have met the requirements. Check the UT Tyler Catalog for prerequisites.

Once a Patriot, always a Patriot. The readmission process allows former UT Tyler students to resume their studies after an extended period away. If you have not attended UT Tyler during the past academic year, submit a completed application to continue your journey. If you attended another college or university during that time, please note that you must submit official transcripts from each school when applying for readmission.

Next Steps

Complete or resume your academic and personal goals at UT Tyler. Feel free to reach out and learn more about discovering your future here.