UT Tyler Scholarships - Frequently Asked Questions


Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

1) If I have a scholarship from a source outside of UT Tyler, where should the check be sent?

Scholarship checks should be made payable to The University of Texas at Tyler and can be mailed to the following address:

The University of Texas at Tyler – STE 230 One-Stop
3900 University Blvd
Attn: Scholarships
Tyler, TX 75799

Please also include the full name of the student, UT Tyler student ID number, the semester(s) in which the scholarship should be applied, and any restrictions to the scholarship (if applicable).

* If the outside scholarship/sponsorship would prefer to be billed or invoiced for the cost of tuition, fees, books, etc. the organization must submit a letter authorizing UT Tyler to bill them. The letter must include the student’s name, UT Tyler student ID number, the semester for sponsorship, and the charges that will be covered.

* Please endorse checks, if necessary.


2) Is a new Texas Tomorrow/ Texas Promise Form Required for each semester?

YES. A new form must be submitted 1-2 weeks before each semester to allow processing time. All forms are process in the order they are received. Funds will be released after bills are released to students account.

Forms can be submitted in person at the One Stop (STE 230) or electronically to enroll@uttyler.edu.


3) How do I utilize Hazlewood Benefits?

Applying to use Veteran Education benefits at UT Tyler is conducted entirely online. Please visit here to apply. All questions regarding the Hazlewood Exemption should be directed to the Military and Veterans Success Center.


4) Do I resubmit documentation for my Exemption/Waiver for each semester?

Many waivers and exemptions require documentation to be submitted prior to the Census date each semester. Please visit the College for all Texans website to find your specific renewal requirements. Direct any questions or documentation to enroll@uttyler.edu.

Exemptions: Here

Waivers: Here


5) How long will it take for my scholarship to be reflected on my Student Center Financial Aid?

Due to the large number of applicants and awards, please allow 6-8 weeks after the Returning Student Scholarship application closes for awards to be posted. For outside scholarships, please allow 2-3 weeks for the award to be reflected on your student center financial aid as an “outside scholarship.” To ensure scholarships are processed a timely manner, complete any to-do items or holds that can affect your financial aid disbursement. If your scholarship requires a letter of appreciation, the letter must be submitted BEFORE funds are disbursed. Be sure to regularly monitor your patriot email and your myUTTyler student center. Please email enroll@uttyler.edu if you do not see your scholarship on your student center.


6) My scholarship will create a refund, how do I receive the refund?

If your scholarship exceeds your bill and you are given a refund, UT Tyler has partnered with BankMobile to process refunds. Please visit here to set up your refund choice. If a choice is not made, a check will be mailed to the mailing address on the student’s student center. For questions regarding BankMobile, please email enroll@uttyler.edu.

NOTE: Not all scholarships are refundable to student accounts. For specific questions regarding if a scholarship is refundable, please contact the awarding organization.


7) When does the General Scholarship Application open and close?

The following are the open application dates for the returning student scholarship application:

September 15 – November 15 for Spring Semester

February 1 – February 15 for Summer Semester

March 1 – May 1 for Fall Semester (CHANGED for Fall 23 application, see note below.)

*If the 15th falls on a weekend, the application will open the following Monday.

*The General Scholarship Application will be closed for submissions at the deadline, no exceptions. Any incomplete applications will be discarded.

* IMPORTANT: Due to technical issues the General Scholarship Application for the Fall 2023 did not open until March 15th. The deadline has therefore been extended until May 15th for this term only (March 15 – May 15); the General Scholarship Application for the Fall 24 semester will return to the March 1 – May 1 open period until further notice.


8) Do I have to complete a new General Scholarship Application every semester?

Yes, the General Scholarship Application you complete will be kept until the end of each semester. You must complete another application every semester.


9) What if I am NOT selected for a General Scholarship?

General Scholarships are limited and not all students will receive funding. General Scholarships are only one funding source for students to consider. Students can file their FAFSA each year to receive financial aid offers. Students can pursue Talent Scholarships at UT Tyler if they are in those programs, or they can reach out to community organizations and companies for any outside scholarship opportunities.