Withdrawal Policy

Financial Aid

Enrollment Status and Withdrawing from the University

Students who pre-register and decide not to attend must cancel their financial aid award and pre-registration prior to the first day of class to avoid tuition and fee charges.

Changes in Enrollment or Reported as Never Attended

Financial aid award offers and disbursements for students who change enrollment status (add/drop/audit classes) or those who are reported as "never attended" classes for any term, result in a recalculation of eligibility, reduction or cancellation of financial aid award(s). Faculty report students who did not attend any class meetings between the beginning of a semester and the Census Date (official 12th class day). For online classes, attendance is defined as logging into the course website and participating in an academically related activity. Regulations state that a student must begin attendance in all classes in order to establish financial aid eligibility (i.e. loans & grants). Students are responsible for repaying the difference between the amount disbursed and the adjusted award amount based on the new enrollment status.

Example 1: A student drops from full-time to half-time prior to or on the Census Date; award amounts may be adjusted.

Example 2: An evening English class is cancelled; the student is enrolled in 12 hours and does not register for an additional class prior to or on the Census Date and enrollment stays at 9 hours which is three-quarter time and less than full-time enrollment; award amounts may be adjusted.

Example 3: A student enrolled half-time (6 hours) finds an on-line management course that is open. The 3 hour course is added on the first class day; award amounts may be adjusted up to three-quarter time enrollment.

Example 4: A student is enrolled full-time (12 hours) and is reported as non-attending in one (3 hours) of the courses at the Census Date for the term/session; the award amounts may be adjusted.  If a student is reported as non-attending in a course yet they are currently attending the course, the student will need to contact the professor that reported him/her as non-attending.

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