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Through its alignment with The Health Science Center at UT Tyler (HSC) and UT Health East Texas, UT Tyler has unified these entities to serve East Texas with quality education, cutting-edge research and excellent patient care. Your financial gift creates opportunities for our students, supports innovative research and impacts East Texas and beyond.

Why give to UT Tyler?

  • As an institution, UT Tyler contributes to the economy of East Texas by spending about 90 percent of our annual $60 million operating budget locally. Our students spend another $36 million in this region each year.
  • In the past decade, we have invested more than $200 million in capital projects on our three campuses, the vast majority of those dollars staying right here in East Texas.
  • In a Perryman study, it was pointed out that the total future value of each of our graduating classes to the economy of East Texas is over $4 billion.
  • When corporations consider a move to East Texas, quality of life issues are important in their deliberations. They want to know about higher education and cultural opportunities. UT Tyler offers both.

Our Greatest Worth to East Texas and Beyond

Far and away the greatest worth of this university to the people of East Texas, however, are our students – our future alumni. Since UT Tyler was founded four decades ago, more than 32,000 students have graduated. Over 60 percent of these UT Tyler graduates stayed right here in East Texas, helping to build the social and economic strength of this region.

Much more than their aggregate value to the economy, our graduates are real names and real faces.

They are your employers and your employees, your friends and neighbors, members of your congregations and fellow volunteers at your favorite charities. They start new companies, develop new technologies to improve your lives and design the bridges you safely cross over each day on the way to work.

They teach your children and grandchildren. One of every five students in East Texas is taught by a teacher who was educated at UT Tyler. They lay loving hands on you and your family when you need tender care and healing. Forty percent of all practicing nurses in East Texas were trained at UT Tyler.

This means you are reaping the considerable benefits provided by the well-educated men and women who earned their degrees at UT Tyler and who now work and live alongside you.

For these reasons and more, THAT is why the return on your philanthropic investment in our students, in UT Tyler, is so vitally important.

For these reasons and more, THAT is why The University of Texas at Tyler matters to you.

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