Dr. Neil Ford, Professor of Biology

Recent Publications

N. B. Ford, F. Brischoux and D. L. Lancaster. 2004. Reproduction in the western cottonmouth, Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma in a floodplain forest. Southwestern Naturalist (pdf)

Ryan O'donnell, Neil Ford, Richard Shine and Robert Mason. 2004. Male red-sided garter snakes (Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis) determine female mating status from pheromone trails. Animal Behavior (pdf)

William Hopkins; Brandon P. Staub; Jennifer A. Baionno; Brian P. Jackson; John H. Roe; and Neil B. Ford. 2003. Trophic and Maternal Transfer of Selenium in Brown House Snakes (Lamprophis fuliginosus) Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety

Debra L. Lancaster and Neil B. Ford. 2003. Reproduction in western ribbon snakes, Thamnophis proximus, (Serpentes: Colubridae), from an East Texas bottomland. Texas J. Science 55:25-32. (pdf)

N, B. Ford and D. F. Ford, 2002. Notes on the Ecology of the South American water snake, Helicops angulatus, (Squamata: Colubridae) in Nariva Swamp, Trinidad. Caribbean J. Sci. 38:129-132. (pdf)

D. Lutterschmidt, W. I. Lutterschmidt, N. B. Ford and V. H. Hutchison, 2002. Behavioral thermoregulation and the role of melatonin in a nocturnal snake. Horm. and Behav. 41:41-50.

R. Mehta and N. B. Ford. 2001. Courtship in the Madagascar Cat-eyed snake Madagascarophis colubrina (Boiginae). Afr. J. Herp. 50:115-120. (pdf)

Ford, N. B. Reproduction in the brown house snake, Lamprophis fuliginosus, from Tanzania. 2001. Afr. J. Herp. 50:31-34. (pdf)

Seigel, R. A. and N. B. Ford. 2001. Phenotypic plasticity in reproductive traits: Geographic variation in plasticity in a viviparous snake. J. Func. Ecol. 15: 36-42. (pdf)

Stone, A.; N. B. Ford and D. A. Holtzman. 2000. Spatial learning and shelter selection by juvenile spotted pythons, Anteresia maculosus. J. Herpetol. 34: 575-587.

Seigel, R. A. , N. B. Ford and L. A. Mahrt. 2000. Ecology of an aquatic snake (Thamophis marcianus) in a desert environment: Implications of early timing of birth and geographic variation in reproduction. Amer. Midl. Nat. 143:453-462. (pdf)

Ball, R. and N. B. Ford. 1999. Courtship and mating behavior in the diadem snake, Sphaerosophis diadema cliffordi (Colubridae). African J. Herpet. 48:27-31. (pdf)