Degree Plans

UT Tyler Undergrad Recommended Degree Plans

NOTE: This page is currently out of date. Please visit the department website for recommended degree plan information.

Working in conjunction with various academic departments on campus, our academic advisors develop suggested schedules for degree programs that, if followed, will result in students graduating in four years. Even if you do not follow the schedules exactly as planned, these schedules can be very useful in helping you create your own degree plan. Select your degree program to download a suggested schedule.

College of Arts and Science (CAS)
Art, BFA
Art, BA, Art History Specialization
Biology, BS
Biology, BS, 8-12 Certification
Chemistry, BS (ACS-Certified)
Chemistry, BS (ACS-Certified), Biochemistry Emphasis
Chemistry, BS (ACS-Certified), 8-12 Certification
Criminal Justice, BS
Economics, BA
Economics, BS
English, BA
English, BA, 8-12 Certification, ELA & Reading
History, BA
History, BA, 8-12 Certification
History, BS
History, BS, 8-12 Certification
Mass Communications, BA, Public Relations Option
Mass Communications, BS, Public Relations Option
Mass Communications, BA, Multimedia Journalism
Mass Communications, BS, Multimedia Journalism
Mathematics, BS (Algebra Ready)
Mathematics, BS (Calculus Ready
Mathematics, BS (Calculus Ready), 8-12 Certification
Music, BA
Composition, BM
Instrumental Music Education, BM
Instrumental Music Education, BM, Summer School Option
Instrumental Performance, BM
Piano Pedagogy, BM
Piano Performance, BM
Vocal Music Education, BM
Vocal Music Education, BM, Summer School Option
Vocal Performance, BM
Political Science, BA
Political Science, BA, 8-12 Certification
Political Science, BS
Political Science, BS, 8-12 Certification
Religion Studies, BA
Social Sciences, BA
Social Sciences, BS
Spanish, BA
Speech Communications, BA
Speech Communications, BA, 8-12 Certification
Speech Communications, BS
Speech Communications, BS, 8-12 Certification

College Business and Technology (CBT)
Accounting, BBA
Computer Information Systems, BS
Computer Science, BS
Computer Science, BS, 8-12 Certification
Finance, BBA
Human Resource Development (HRD), BS, with Business Administration Minor
Industrial Technology, BS, with Business Administration Minor
Management, BBA
Marketing, BBA

College of Education and Psychology (CEP)
4-8 Certification, BSIS, Science
4-8 Certification, BSIS, Math
EC-6 Certification, BSIS, ESL & Special Education
Psychology, BA
Psychology, BS

College of Engineering (CE)
Civil Engineering, BS
Construction Management, BS
Electrical Engineering, BS
Mechanical Engineering, BS

College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS)
Health & Kinesiology, BA, with Entrepreneurship Minor
Health Studies, BS, Community Health Education Track
Health Studies, BS, Community Health Education Track, 3 Year Accelerated
Health Studies, BS, EC-12 Health Teacher Certification
Kinesiology, BS
Kinesiology, BS, 3 Year Accelerated
Kinesiology, BS, Athletic Training Option
Kinesiology, BS, EC-12 Physical Ed Teacher Certification
Nursing, BSN

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