Communication Studies

UT Tyler Department of Communication

Communication is the human infrastructure of everyday personal, public, and political life. By embracing both social scientific and humanistic approaches to communication, our undergraduate program provides students with the knowledge to understand the skills to enrich human interaction in these different contexts. Our curriculum offers particular strength in the theory and practice of interpersonal communication in varying contexts, including, but not limited to, health, small group, family, business, organizational, political, and religious communication. Graduates of our program are able to find their passion, tailor their academic experience, and not only be well-equipped for a career right out of college, but also have the skill set to enter graduate school.

A BA/BS degree in communication studies from The University of Texas at Tyler will give you the benefit of being prepared in a variety of professional fields, being valued in that workplace, and being able to make a difference within your community. According to the National Communication Association’s (NCA) website, these are three advantages of holding a degree in Communication. Communication is one of the most sought-after skills by employers so having a degree in Communication Studies will give you a powerful edge in your career and personal life.

The UT Tyler communication department also offers the master of arts in communication degree and participates in MA/MS degree programs in interdisciplinary studies.