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Speech Communication

UT Tyler Department of Communication

As society accelerates into the information age, strong communication skills are vital to success in any career.

A BA/BS degree in speech communication from The University of Texas at Tyler will give you a distinctive edge with abilities well-suited to today's business environment, from interpersonal to business, professional and cross-cultural communication skills.

Speech communication is one of the oldest and newest academic disciplines. Its roots go back to ancient Greece, when rhetoric -- the study of discovering and using the available means of persuasion -- was an important part of the citizenry's education. Interest in the study of rhetoric was renewed early in the 20th century.

In the 21st century four major areas are included in the speech discipline, each of which focuses on unique characteristics of particular situations. UT Tyler offers courses in each of those areas:

  • Interpersonal communication includes the study of symbolic behavior in dyadic, two-person relationships.
  • Group communication concentrates on the small group of three to seven persons.
  • Organizational communication examines the effects that organizational structure and membership have on human communication
  • Rhetoric and public address is the study of discourse and its role in shaping public perceptions and practices.

The UT Tyler communication department also offers the master of arts in communication degree and participates in MA/MS degree programs in interdisciplinary studies.

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