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Mission Statement

The role and mission of UT Tyler's Compliance Program is to help build compliance consciousness into the environment at UT Tyler and to encourage all employees to conduct university business with the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

The UT Tyler Compliance Office is responsible for compiling quarterly reports to UT System; performing departmental Quality Assurance Reviews and High Risk Area(s) Monitoring Plan inspections; maintaining the Institutional Compliance Manual and the Compliance and Monitoring Plan Manual; administering the Ethics Hotline; developing and administering Institutional General Compliance training; and maintaining the Office of Compliance website.

Erika Sampson is UT Tyler's Compliance Officer. The Compliance Officer attends UT Systemwide Compliance Officers' meetings, provides an annual action plan to UT System for enhancement of the compliance program, reports quarterly to UT System, and is responsible for the Institutional Executive Compliance Committee and Compliance Working Group agendas.

The Compliance Officer reports to the Vice President for Business Affairs, Chief Business Officer and Institutional Compliance Officer, Mr. William “Bill” O’Donnell.

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UT Tyler Ethics Hotline

The Ethics Hotline provides a confidential way for employees to report instances of suspected non-compliance such as fraud, theft or other unethical behavior in the workplace

More Information

  • General Compliance Training

    All new full-time, benefits eligible employees are required to complete the General Compliance Training on Blackboard within 60 days upon notice from Human Resources. All current full-time, benefits eligible employees are required to complete the General Compliance Training on Blackboard every other year.

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