Message From the Chair

UT Tyler Department of Computer Science

I would like to welcome all prospective students to the Computer Science Department at the University of Texas at Tyler. We look forward to communicating with you regarding your interest in our programs in the future.

The Department of Computer Science aspires to prepare students for the challenges of the dynamic world of cyberspace. The department offers a broad spectrum and growing set of programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level that reflect the current and future environment within information technology and all computing fields. The department currently offers a B.S in Computer Science, a B. S. in Computer Information Systems, a B. S. in Information Technology, and M.S. in Computer Science. All of these programs are theoretically based but are responsive to the rapid pace of technological development.

First and foremost, the Computer Science faculty have a tremendous commitment to classroom activities and students. Excellent teaching is the primary focal point of the department. Students are introduced to programming, database, networking, computer architecture, cybersecurity, cloud computing, computer graphics, and many other topics. At the same, students are introduced to the importance of professional ethics and social responsibility. Each curriculum is designed to provide students with significant individual and team-oriented design experiences, opportunities to develop their oral and written communication skills. Additionally, students are provided the opportunity to interface with the profession through avenues such as cooperative education, professional society activities, student internships, and professional speakers.

Another aspect of the department is the pursuit of knowledge. Faculty are involved in scholarship to solve problems with regard to various aspects of Computer Science. A primary aspect is publication in top scholarly journals, present at top international and national conferences, and compete for funded grants such as NSF, DOD, and other federal and state research grants. These efforts help faculty stay at the cutting edge of a dynamic environment and provide the ability to include students in the pursuit of knowledge.

The Computer Science department values diversity and welcomes qualified students of various experiences and origins, whether regional, national or international. In fact, the department prides itself in its cultural diversity. This diversity assists students both within and outside the classroom and helps prepare them for a competitive global environment.

Dr. Stephen Rainwater
Department Chair and Associate Professor of Computer Science