Bachelor of Science in Information Technology-Graduation Requirements

UT Tyler Department of Computer Science

To graduate with a degree in information technology, the student must meet the following specific requirements in addition to the general baccalaureate degree requirements:

  • 42 hours University Core (Requires a "C" or better)
  • 19 hours Upper/Lower Division Electives 
  • 30 hours Information Technology Core (Requires a "C" or better)

COSC 1307 Introduction to Information Systems Software
COSC 1336 Programming Fundamentals or COSC 1315 Programming Fundamentals for Non-CS Majors
COSC 1337 Object Oriented Paradigm
COSC 2315 Computer Organization
COSC 3385 Database Design
MANA 3370 Bus. Writing and Oral Presentation
COSC 4362 Retail Cybersecurity
COSC 3315 Social and Professional Issues in Computing
COSC 4325 Data Communications and Computer Networks
CSCI   4385 Information Technology Capstone

  • 30 hours Prescribed Track Electives

Tracks include Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Data Management, Computer Architecture, Programming, and Entrepreneurship.  Students must complete two tracks with a minimum of 9 hours in each track.  Students can complete three tracks if desired.