Research and Presentations

Center for Caribbean and Central American Initiatives

Research Published

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Research Presentations

  • Oliveras-Ortiz, Y. & Hickey, W. (2019). Short-term study abroad and the influence on aspiring principals’ perspectives about diversity and educational issues. 2019 University Council for Educational Administration 33rd Annual Convention.
  • Oliveras-Ortiz, Y. (2019). Rethinking pre-service teachers’ supervision in Belize. 2019 Council of Professors of Instructional Supervision Annual Conference. Augusta, GA.
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  • Oliveras-Ortiz, Y. & Hickey, W. (2018). Film: Transforming education in Belize. UCEA 6th Annual Film Festival. Houston, TX.
  • Oliveras-Ortiz, Y. (2017). Teaching principals in rural Belize: What can we learn from their practices as instructional supervisors? Council of Professors of Instructional Supervision Annual Conference. Austin, TX.
  • Hickey, W. D., Vaughn, V., Sherman, R., & Rutledge, B. (2014). Global Perspectives: Comparison of Administrative Roles Between Countries. Paper presented at TCPEA/TASA Mid-Winter Conference in Austin, TX.