UT Tyler School of Education

School of Education Highlights

“We dream, we think, we do!” This motto describes the work that occurs in the School of Education. The following provides highlights of the ways we are leading the way as we strive to advance the teaching and learning experiences of students and teachers.

Degree Programs:

  1. The faculty teaching in the M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction degree have been working to move this degree in a manner that is in tighter alignment with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Gaining National Board Certification is a huge accomplishment and allows teachers to be recognized not only in Texas but across the nation as an educator who has undergone a rigorous process of providing evidence that his or she provides designed learning environments that enables all children to excel and that the teacher is reflective about the learning of each student as well as the actions of the teacher. In conjunction with this, the Curriculum & Instruction faculty engaged an external review of our program. Dr. Diane Yendol-Hoppey, dean of the University of North Florida, conducted this review. Dr. Yendol-Hoppey served as a teacher and principal in the public school as well as a faculty member and administrator at University of Florida, West Virginia University, University of South Florida, and the University of North Florida. From all of these actions, we are making changes in our Curriculum & Instruction degree that will be announced in the 2017-2018 academic year.
  2. The faculty teaching in our undergraduate programs have also been diligently engaged in revising our program to infuse more research-based practices, provide stronger field experiences, and promote stronger reflective practices by students to document their growth as an educator. These changes are currently being finalized so look for announcements on this soon.

Grants: School of Education have been very engaged in writing and securing grants in 2016-2017.

  1. Dr. Julie Delello was awarded a NASA Texas Space Grant to provide STEM summer camps in rural areas.
  2. Dr. John Lamb’s grant proposal, Math Matters, for rural education funded by the Greater Texas Foundation.
  3. Dr. Colleen Swain and Robert Stevens received a grant to enhance teaching through primary sources. This grant is funded by the Library of Congress.
  4. Mrs. Cindy Sherman and Dr. Nathan Smith have multiple grants to focus on enhancing mathematics and computer science teaching. These grants are funded by TRC and Teacher Quality federal funds.

Publications: Of our 15 tenure-track or tenured faculty with a responsibility to disseminate new scholarship, 14 of those faculty had publications. Here are selected publications representative of our faculty’s work.

  1. Dr. Karlyn Adams-Wiggins’ article, “The interconnectedness of relational and content dimensions of quality instruction: Supportive teacher-student relationship in urban elementary mathematics classrooms”, was published in the Journal of Mathematical Behavior.
  2. Dr. Annamary Consolvo’s article, “Prying open the oyster: Creating a digital learning space from the Robert Comier archive”, was published in The ALAN Review.
  3. Dr. Julie Delello and Dr. Kouider Mokhtari’s article, “Multitasking among college students: Are freshmen more distracted?” was published in the International Journal of Cyber Behavior, Psychology and Learning.
  4. Dr. Annamary Consalvo’s article, “Writing on the walls: Supporting 21st century thinking in the material classroom”, was published in Teaching and Teacher Education.
  5. Dr. Colleen Swain and Dr. Mark Lewis’ article, “Using Texas principals’ perceptions of novice and experienced teacher needs to inform program development” was published by the Texas Forum of Teacher Education.
  6. Dr. Gina Doepker’s chapter, “Service Learning in the Sullivan Literacy Center” was published in the book Service Learning as Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education: Theory, Research, and Practice.
  7. Dr. Staci Zolkoski’s article, “Factors associated with student resilience: Perspectives of graduates of alternative education programs” was published in Preventing School Failure.

Work in the Schools and Community: School of Education faculty are involved in our local community and schools. You will find faculty and our students engaged such as:

  1. Stop the Summer Reading Slump programs – sessions conducted at the Glass Center and Salvation Army
  2. Strengthening the teaching of writing in elementary classrooms
  3. Classroom management supports
  4. Numerous literacy initiatives
  5. Addressing the Teacher Shortage Issues

You can find School of Education faculty working in school districts across East Texas. Some selected districts are:

  • Brenham ISD
  • Brownsboro ISD
  • Chapel Hill ISD
  • Jacksonville ISD
  • Tyler ISD
  • Whitehouse ISD

In addition, our faculty and students work with numerous community organizations to help better educational opportunities and our community.

  • Academic Rodeo
  • Goodwill
  • North Tyler Day Nursery
  • Salvation Army
  • Tyler Day Nursery
  • Tyler Area Partners for Education (TAP4Ed)

The 2016-2017 academic year was a strong one for the School of Education. Please join us as we dream, think, and do to make education stronger for every student and teacher.

UT Tyler