UT Tyler School of Education

TExES Preparation

The School of Education is committed to our students being well prepared to take your Texas certification exams, known as TExES. Each student must take a minimum of two certification exams – a content area and the pedagogy and professional responsibilities (PPR). The content area test is to show your mastery of the content from the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). This is content you should have learned in your K-12 experience and possibly had reinforced in the core courses from your freshman and sophomore year in college.

To gain permission to take your TExES exams, you must meet the following criteria.

For Your Content TExES

1st Attempt on Content TExES:

  • To prepare for the TExES Content test students will need sign up for Certify Teacher and complete a minimum of 6 hours of practice. The discount code is TYLER4728. This will reduce the cost from $80 to $35. 
  • Upon making a score of 240 on the Certify Teacher Practice Test the student may request taking the content test. Students will be required to  send a screenshot with the score and evidence of  six hours of preparation to  soetestapproval@uttyler.edu. Students cannot be approved to take the content test until a score of 240 has been earned  on the Certify Teacher practice test and 6 hours of practice has been completed via CertifyTeacher.

Before any Retest Attempts:

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Frank Dykes or Mrs. Cynthia Sherman to develop an appropriate remediation plan.

Supports to Assist with Your Preparation for your TExES tests.

Online Supports

There are two online resources which can assist you in preparing for your certification exams. 

  1. The School of Education TExES Study Materials. We strongly encourage you to download the Preparation Manual for your content area and the PPR. We also strongly encourage you to make sure of the Interactive Practice Tests along with the other resources mentioned on this page.
  2. 240Tutoring.com. This is a strong set of test preparation materials. Purchase the materials for your content area.

Face-to-Face Supports

The School of Education will host some face-to-face sessions to help you prepare for your PPR test. In addition, we will occasionally host sessions to assist with content area.

Please watch your Patriot email, the bulletin boards by the CTL Lab, and across from BEP 218 for addition information about the face-to-face TExES Prep sessions.