UT Tyler School of Education

TExES Preparation Sessions

UT Tyler requires that all students in the teacher preparation program take six hours of TExES preparation outside of program coursework. Students in Phase II or Block 2 must take 3 hours of TExES preparation in order to be eligible to advance to the next semester of the teacher education program. Students in Phase III or Block 3 must take the final 3 hours of TExES preparation in order to advance to Student Teaching/Apprentice Teaching.

Online Sessions:

There are online sessions available on the T-CERT website (https://pact.tarleton.edu/TCERT/). This website has resources for the PPR and also many content area exams. You are able to participate in online preparation as part of your required TExES preparation sessions. If you participate in an online TExES preparation session, make sure to email or bring a copy of your certification of completion to Mrs. Harris in BEP 247H.

Face-to-Face Sessions:

The School of Education provides face-to-face sessions to help prepare you for the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) TExES exam. We have a faculty coordinator of TExES Preparation, Dr. Berni Hansen.

Watch your Patriot email, announcements through the Testing_and_Certification Blackboard Organization as well as the SOE Facebook Page for updated information! You can also check the School of Education bulletin board by the Curriculum and Assessment Lab, BEP 205, for TExES prep session information or contact Cynthia Harris.

A record of attendance will be kept for each face-to-face session. Report promptly at the beginning of the session and sign the attendance log provided. Your signature is confirmation of your attendance at the session.