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Online Superintendent Certification Program

Now accepting applications!

The Superintendent Certification is a completely online 17-semester-hour program that requires a) holding a Standard Principal, Mid-Management, or other Texas Administrator Certification; b) completion of the specified course sequence within six years; and c) satisfactory performance on the appropriate TExES exam.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the Superintendent Certificate Program, a prospective student must:

  1. Hold a master's degree from an accredited institution.
  2. Submit official transcript from the institution that awarded their bachelor's and master's degrees to Graduate Admissions.
  3. Complete the application for admission to a graduate program online. Note: Your program must be the Superintendent Program to be eligible for scholarships.
  4. Provide evidence of holding a Standard Principal, Midmanagement or other Texas Administrator Certificate.
  5. Participate in a personal or Skype interview.

Scholarships and Total Costs

  • A $114 per semester credit hour is deducted for students with a major of Superintendent.
  • Total program tuition costs approximately $4,500.

Superintendent Certification Program (17 hours):

Concentration Area (14 semester hours)

EDLR 5350 Personnel Administration
EDLR 5360 School Superintendent
EDLR 5453 Public School Finance
EDLR 5458 School Facilities

Internship (3 semester hours)

EDLR 5375 Practicum in the Superintendency (Fall and Spring semester only)