Financial Aid Information for The Ben and Maytee Fisch College of Pharmacy

First - Third Year

  • Students will be offered an Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan offer no more than $33,000 for an academic year (fall and spring) and an Estimated Graduate PLUS Loan in the amount that remains of the cost of attendance after the unsubsidized loan is awarded.
    • The yearly award will consist of two disbursements (one at the beginning of the Fall and one at the beginning of Spring) for students enrolled in at least six credit hours within each term.
  • Students who are interested in taking out the Graduate PLUS Loan, will need to complete the following steps:
  • If you are determined to have an adverse credit history, you may still receive a Direct Graduate PLUS Loan if you obtain an endorser who does not have an adverse credit history OR if you document to the Department of Education's satisfaction that there are extenuating circumstances related to your adverse credit history. For additional information on obtaining an endorser or submitting documentation to prove an extenuating circumstance, you may visit and review the items listed under Graduate/Professional Students.
    • PLUS Credit Counseling is required if the U.S. Department of Education has informed you that you have an adverse credit history and you have:

    • Obtained an endorser or

    • Documented extenuating circumstances to the satisfaction of the U.S. Department of Education

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