Payroll Services

Office of Financial Services

Payroll Check Schedules and Deadlines

NOTE: Full-time salaried employees are paid monthly on the first business day of the month following the prior month pay period end date.  Part-time hourly employees are paid twice a month, five working days after the 15th day of the month and five working days after the last day of the month.

UT Share/PeopleSoft Time and Labor

Employee Online Services

Earnings Statements & W-2s (2014 & Forward)

The following information is available by logging into the UT Share/PeopleSoft system:

  • View "My Time Summary"
  • View Paycheck Earnings Statements
  • View and Update W-4 Information
  • View and Update Personal Information
  • View and Update Direct Deposit Information*

Instructions for adding or changing your bank accounts for payroll direct deposit.

*Note for Direct Deposit: UT Tyler network credentials are required to login to UT Share/PeopleSoft in order to update your own Direct Deposit information.  When hired, all active employees are given information about obtaining IT access for a network logon (ending "") and password.  Please contact Campus Computing Services for assistance in being assigned UT Tyler network credentials.

For W-2s from 2013 and earlier, send an email to Include your full name and Employee ID and request the specific year for which you need a W-2 copy.

 Payroll services include:

  • Preparation of IRS Tax Forms/Reports:
    • W-2-Wage and Tax Statements.
    • Form 1042-S-Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Statements.
  • Verification of salary and assistance with other general inquiries regarding paycheck deductions. (For specific questions concerning insurance and other benefits, please contact the benefits team at
  • Processing employee overpayment recoupment and salary spread calculations.
  • Review of Authorization of Personal Services (APS) forms for IRS tax compliance prior to Purchase Orders being issued or payments being made through Accounts Payable.
  • Assistance with direct deposit setup/changes.  If you cannot login to UT Share/PeopleSoft to make your own Direct Deposit update, email for assistance. Never email your Social Security Number or Bank Account information.

Questions should be directed to:

Time & Labor: Belinda Dean at 903.566.7229 or

Semi-Monthly Payroll: Sharilyn Sutphen at 903.566.7353 or

Monthly Payroll: Angela Bryan at 903-566-7451 or

Payroll Manager: Stephanie Shrewsbury at 903-565-5905 or