Payroll Services

Office of Financial Services

Payroll Check Schedules and Deadlines

NOTE: Full-time salaried employees are paid monthly on the first business day of the month following the prior month pay period end date.  Part-time hourly employees are paid twice a month, five working days after the 15th day of the month and five working days after the last day of the month.

UT Share/PeopleSoft® Time and Labor

Active Employee Online Services

The following information is available by logging into the UT Share/PeopleSoft® system:

  • View "My Time Summary"
  • View Paycheck Earnings Statements
  • View and Update W-4 Information*
  • View and Update Personal Information
  • View and Update Direct Deposit Information**

*Instructions for completing or changing your W-4 Withholding Certificate.

**Instructions for adding or changing your bank accounts for payroll direct deposit.

*Note for Direct Deposit: UT Tyler network credentials are required to login to UT Share/PeopleSoft® in order to update your own Direct Deposit information.  When hired, all active employees are given information about obtaining IT access for a network logon (ending "") and password.  Please contact Campus Computing Services for assistance in being assigned UT Tyler network credentials.

Earnings Statements & W-2s (2014 & Forward)

For W-2s from 2013 and earlier, send an email to Include your full name and Employee ID and request the specific year for which you need a W-2 copy.

 Payroll services include:

  • Preparation of IRS Tax Forms/Reports:
    • W-2-Wage and Tax Statements.
    • Form 1042-S-Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Statements.
  • Verification of salary and assistance with other general inquiries regarding paycheck deductions. (For specific questions concerning insurance and other benefits, please contact the benefits team at
  • Processing employee overpayment recoupment and salary spread calculations.
  • Review of Authorization of Personal Services (APS) forms for IRS tax compliance prior to Purchase Orders being issued or payments being made through Accounts Payable.
  • The Payroll team may not enter or make direct deposit setup/changes for you.  However, if you feel there is an error in the setup, the Payroll team may delete that setup so that you can reenter your bank account information.  Please email for assistance. Never email your Social Security Number or Bank Account information.

Questions should be directed to:

Time & Labor: Belinda Dean at 903.566.7229 or

Semi-Monthly Payroll: Sharilyn Sutphen at 903.566.7353 or

Monthly Payroll: Angela Bryan at 903-566-7451 or

Payroll Administration: Cindy Troyer at 903-566-7461 or