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What is the Patriot Cup?

The Patriot Cup is awarded each year to the organization which shows a well-rounded commitment to the fraternity and sorority member experience. It grew out of the tradition of “Greek Week” and has several categories to it.

Academics: academics being paramount to the college experience, organizations are evaluated for their academic standing and will be encouraged to increase the academic support for members to a achieve a cumulative grade point average above the all student average.

Service and Philanthropy: We want to encourage our fraternity and sorority members to demonstrate meaningful service by engaging their community. Organizations are encouraged to increase their average service hours per member Likewise, we also want our organizations to work towards a maximum benefit for their philanthropies, so an emphasis for increasing dollars raised by increasing the participation of the greater UT Tyler community is also a focus.

“Greek Sports League”: this is a relatively new aspect in the UT Tyler fraternity and sorority community. In cooperation with UT Tyler Recreational Sports, fraternities and sororities will have the opportunity to play one another and other non-fraternity and sorority teams in various intramural sports. Fraternities and sororities will obtain points for fielding a team, ranking in the sport, and if they play for a championship.

Campus Engagement: The Fraternity and Sorority Events Committee (formerly the Greek Week Steering Committee) is made of up the governing councils (College Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council, and National Pan-Hellenic Council) vice presidents of programming and each organization programming officer/chair sits on that committee. The committee will oversee choosing 8-10 events a semester which will be put towards credit for the Patriot Cup. The committee will also assist in the planning and execution of fraternity and sorority community wide events including but not limited to Fraternity and Sorority Appreciation Week (fall semester), The Twelve Days of Finals (fall semester), and Greek Celebration Week (spring semester).  

What is Greek Celebration Week?

Greek Celebration Week is an annual weeklong celebration in the spring semester, with its main goal being to unite the Greek community through fun-filled activities.

This has grown out of the tradition of a "Greek Week" that began in the Spring of 2007.  The traditional "Greek Week" brought fraternities and sororities together in fraternal friendship through the spirit of competition and being Greek . Traditionally, fraternities and sororities would compete against one another through events held throughout the week and earn points by either winning these events and/or having the most participation. 

Events in the past have included painting car windows, guest speakers, canned food drives, a community service event, lip sync, field day events, and a lot more! Each Greek Celebration Week is planned by a Fraternity and Sorority events Committee, which consists of current Vice President of Programming from the Governing Councils and chapter programming officer/chairs that start meeting in the fall semester and advised by the Greek Affairs Coordinator.

Greek Celebration Week 2020:April 13-18, 2020

Updated 7/25/2019

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