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UT Tyler Health Services

The University of Texas at Tyler

Various departments across the UT Tyler campus collaborate to provide health services to students. These services address a variety of needs including medical care, mental health care, health education, exercise and nutrition.

General Health Information

General information regarding bacterial meningitis, staph/MRSA skin infections and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and other health-related information is available to students through  brochures and pamphlets in the Student Counseling Center, The University Health Clinic and Wellness and Prevention Education.

Influenza Vaccines are Available for $16

Students/employees may walk-in to the University Health Clinic to get vaccines during regular hours of operation.

Cold and Flu

Medical Withdrawal Information

Withdrawal from the university for medical reasons may (a) be initiated at the request of a student or (b) be mandatory when the medical condition of the student has been determined to constitute a direct threat to the health and safety of the student or to individuals who come in contact with the student. Withdrawal for either reason must be approved by the dean or the dean's designate.

Reduced Course Load

Course load reductions are always the prerogative of the academic dean; where medical or psychological reasons are given, the role of the dean or the dean's designate is advisory only.

Urgent Care Services

  • In case of an on-campus medical emergency where life is threatened, 911 should be called.
  • Students will bear the cost of any professional service or emergency treatment. In addition, the cost of hospitalization or treatment in the emergency room or as an outpatient is the responsibility of the student.

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