Volunteer Information

Procedures and Application

These procedures apply to students, staff, faculty, job applicants, and applicants for admissions, retirees, external community members, and any other potential beneficiary of the programs, services or activities of The University of Texas at Tyler and the Health Science Center, UT at Tyler including all off-campus instructional and clinical sites (UTT). It does not apply to individuals who seek an unpaid faculty appointment at the UTT. It also does not apply to paid and unpaid internships or to service-learning courses.

Policy and Procedures

The UTT acknowledges and values the role of volunteer opportunities in enhancing the vision and mission of the UTT. Accordingly, it is the policy of the UTT to encourage fair and efficient processes to provide volunteer opportunities, in keeping with federal and state laws and the UTT policy.

  1. Volunteer Participation
    1. Anyone, including retirees, students and alumni, may volunteer, with an approved application in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Procedure below, and under the following conditions:
        1. A non-University student, who is under 18, may only volunteer with parental consent. Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older unless there is a formal volunteer program approved. Anyone working with minor volunteers must complete Child Protection Training and may be subject to criminal background checks. Minors are also prohibited from working in research and clinical laboratories that work with BSL-2 agents, radioactive materials, acutely toxic agents, or chemicals that are deemed hazardous by Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).

        2. A foreign national employee must also receive clearance from the Office of Human Resources, and Immigration Services before volunteering.

        3. Clinical Research Volunteers should contact the Office of Clinical Research for further information and registration guidelines.
  2. Prohibited Activities
    1. Volunteers cannot replace or be substituted for current employees or perform work that would otherwise require payment of a wage. Volunteer services are generally limited to humanitarian, charitable or public service purposes and normally are rendered on a part-time and temporary basis.

    2. Non-exempt employees may not volunteer to do the same work for which they are employed.

    3. Volunteers are also prohibited from performing the following activities:
      Operating heavy equipment, including vehicles;
      Working with stored energy (e.g. steam, electricity, hydraulics);
      Entering into any contract on behalf of UT Tyler.
  3. Exceptions: Any exceptions to this policy will only be made in limited circumstances and must receive prior written approval from the Office of Human Resources.

How to Become a Volunteer

  1. Application
    (Click HERE for volunteer application via DocuSign)

    1. Each potential volunteer must complete the UTT Volunteer Application that includes processes, procedures, forms, and expectations specific to the assignment.

    2. Volunteers must satisfactorily complete all applicable training and orientation prior to commencing activities.

    3. Acceptance of a volunteer is subject to a satisfactory reference check by the Sponsoring Manager hosting the volunteer and a criminal background check prior to the assignment.

    4. If the individual is returning or starting a new assignment, and, if a break in assignment is 6 months or more, all forms and processes must be completed or updated. A current volunteer whose duties materially change, or who wishes to begin a new volunteer assignment, must complete all forms and process for the new role.

    5. Volunteers are subject to, and must abide by, all applicable UTT policies, procedures and rules, including but not limited to those relating to health and safety, confidentiality, intellectual property, protected health information, non-discrimination, computer use, ethics, conflicts of interest, criminal background checks, alcohol and drug free campus and non-violence policies.
  2. Sponsoring Department Responsibilities
    1. Maintaining a database of all volunteers associated with their respective programs.

    2. Ensuring personnel comply with the mandates specific to this policy.

    3. Selecting an individual with experience and qualifications appropriate for the tasks they will be expected to perform.

    4. Ensuring completion of the UTT Volunteer Application, and any other applicable liability waiver or form. Prior to the first day of volunteer service, Sponsoring Managers are also responsible for obtaining all proper clearances and approvals within their department and from any required external departments, such as Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), and the Office of Human Resources.

    5. Conducting reference checks and verify that the individual successfully passed a background check prior to the start of service.

    6. Ensuring that the volunteer is properly trained on all applicable policies and practices such as IT security policies, applicable departmental policies and procedures, safety equipment practices, and ensure compliance with set applicable standards.

    7. Sponsoring faculty or staff are prohibited from providing volunteers with physical files or shared drive access to sensitive  UTT information through a sponsored guest account.

    8. Ensuring that the volunteer’s activities are monitored at all times, either by the sponsoring faculty or staff supervisor of record on the UTT’s Volunteer Application, or an appropriate adult delegate.

    9. Informing the volunteer that they are responsible for providing their own insurance and that the UTT will not be providing the volunteer with insurance coverage.

    10. Ensuring that adult volunteers who work with hazardous materials, as approved by EHS, attend the training applicable to their respective volunteer service activity. Ensure that volunteers are provided with the appropriate supervision while working with hazardous materials.

    11. Collecting any UTT property in the possession of the volunteer by end of the last day of service.

    12. Requesting the activation and subsequent deactivation of any official volunteer UTT-issued badge or identification card and any other UTT access upon completion of activity.

    13. Retaining all forms and documents for a period of three years from the date the volunteer ends service.

    14. Reviewing this policy and all applicable policies and procedures specific to the service opportunity with the volunteer.

    15. Ensure that all extended volunteers apply for and obtain a Campus ID card applicable to their volunteer assignment, and provide volunteers with a unique ID for access to the appropriate training.
  3. End of Service or Service Completion
    1. Volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Volunteer service opportunities approved under this policy may be terminated at any time without cause or prior notice.

    2. Email accounts, keys, ID badges and any other equipment issued to the volunteer remain the property of UTT and must be returned at the end of service