E-mail Protection

What is Proofpoint?

Proofpoint is an e-mail filtering system designed to protect employees from phishing attempts and malware attacks. Proofpoint also provides DLP by quarantining emails sent by employees to outside organizations that contain sensitive data, such as SSNs and credit card numbers.

How does Proofpoint prevent phishing attacks?

Proofpoint scans all incoming emails looking for phishing attacks, and scans all outgoing emails looking for sensitive data.

All links contained in incoming emails are inspected by Proofpoint. If an email is immediately flagged as being malicious, you will never receive it. In some instances, you may receive the email if Proofpoint is still in the process of inspecting the link. You will not be able to access the link however until it has been verified as safe.

Once a link has been verified as being safe, you will be able to click it and connect to the site.

If a link has been verified as being malicious, you will be redirected to this page when you click it:

URL Defense

How does Proofpoint help with Data Loss Prevention?

If you send an email containing sensitive information, you will receive an email from like the one below:

SSN Detected

Emails could be quarantined due to a false positive. An example of something that could trigger a false positive is a nine-digit invoice number.

If you receive an email alert from Proofpoint informing you that that an email has been quarantined due to a false positive, forward the alert to

Please be sure and type ‘RELEASE E-MAIL’ in the subject line so that the appropriate personnel are immediately notified and can take action to release your email.

The Information Security department will review and release these emails as soon as we are notified so that there is minimal delay with employee emails being delivered in a timely matter.

Proofpoint Digest

Daily Digests will allow users to review emails that have been quarantined and flagged as spam. If you believe an email should have been delivered, you can release it within the Daily Digest. 

You can also manage your account from here and tell Proofpoint what email addresses you always want blocked, and what email addresses you never want blocked.

Your digest can be found at:

 End User Digest