Library Gifts & Donations Guidelines

Guidelines for Accepting Gifts and donations

Robert R. Muntz Library

Guidelines for Accepting Gifts and donations

The library will accept donations of books and other materials according to the same guidelines by which the library purchases materials. We will accept only materials which we intend to add to the library collections.

All donated materials become the property of the Robert R. Muntz Library and cannot be returned to the donor. Donated materials that are accepted for inclusion into the library collections will be worked into the system as time and manpower allows.

If you have a large quantity to donate, please contact the Acquisitions Department and a member of the acquisitions or library staff will be happy to work with the donor to evaluate the material for acceptance purposes.

Criteria for acceptance are:

Subject Matter

We will accept:

  • in-print material which we would likely purchase if requested
  • out-of-print material to fill gaps or replace worn-out copies
  • expensive items that will enhance the collection but for which we cannot justify use of the current materials budget
  • usually, fiction and non-fiction by noted authors and in subject areas which support general interest and life-long learning pursuits of the University community

We will not accept:

  • ephemeral material, such as outdated directories
  • promotional material, such vendors’ sample copies of textbooks
  • single issues or backfiles of serial titles to which we do not currently subscribe
  • items which are the property of other libraries. We usually also will not accept items that have been withdrawn from other libraries

We may accept:

  • textbooks (not marked "desk copy" or "free") if the instructor wants to include them in a suggested reading list for a course
  • duplicate copies of an edition when we can reasonably predict high usage in specific courses

Condition of Material

Material must be in good condition relatively free from markings

We will not accept:

  • Materials with visible mold, excessive dirt or dust, insect damage, etc.
  • Materials emitting cigarette smoke or other odors
  • Water-damaged items
  • Items with excessive writing, highlighting, underlining, or a considerable number of bent pages
  • Items which require re-binding or other extensive repairs


Addition of any supplemental material will be subject to space available for shelving.

Cataloging and Processing Requirements

Time and expense of processing all donated (as well as purchased) materials must be weighed against potential use.

Monetary Donations

We accept monetary donations in any amount. If you would like to request that your monetary donation be used to purchase specific titles or titles in a specific subject area, we will be happy to work with you in an effort to accommodate your request.
If you are interested in contributing a monetary donation contact the University Advancement Office.

Acknowledgement of Donations

We will provide a letter acknowledging that we have received your donation but cannot assign a monetary value to your items for tax purposes. In the cases of material donated in memorial or as an honorarium we will be happy to place a bookplate mounted inside the book upon request. We are unable to do this for large quantity donations due to constraints of time and manpower.