Computer Use Policy

Computer Use Policy

Muntz Library

  • Computers located in the library are provided to support library research in furthering the educational mission of the University. Students, faculty, and staff of The University of Texas at Tyler have priority in using computers.
  • By logging onto a library computer, the user agrees to observe all Library Computer Use Policies, in addition to related UT Tyler and UT System policies regarding information resources and computers. All University computing resources fall under the UT System BPM 53-06-05 Policy for Use and Protection of Information Resources. Highlights of the policy are as follows:

    Section 33.02, Texas Penal Code, a provision of the Texas Computer Crimes Statute, makes it a criminal offense (1) to knowingly access a computer network or system without the effective consent of the owner; or (2) to intentionally or knowingly disclose a password, identification code or number, debit card or bank account number, or other confidential information about a computer security system without the consent of the person employing the security system.

    • Never use any University-provided computing resource to do something illegal, threatening, or deliberately destructive – even as a joke.
    • Do not share your password(s) with anyone.
    • University-provided computing resources or the output produced from these resources may not be used for commercial activity or profit, or used to advertise or promote any activities other than those sponsored by the University.
  • Please be courteous and considerate of other library users. Display of material which if exhibited would result in a sexually hostile environment or sexual harassment of patrons or staff is a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. If such material inadvertently appears on the computer, simply close these windows so that other users will not have to view these materials. Reference staff will help if a window will not close.
  • Children under sixteen years of age must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. The parent must be working at the same computer as the child. Library computers provide all material available on the Internet, some of which may be inappropriate for children.
  • High school students sixteen years of age and older must apply at Circulation for computer access privileges with full internet access. A parental consent form, signed in the presence of the Circulation staff must be on file before computer use is allowed. Only the Public Access computers will be made available to these students.

Who May Access What?

  • All library computers provide access to the library catalog, library databases and the Internet.
  • Some computers are designated as Public Computers. Any adult may use these computers. Reference staff will log on patrons to these computers.
  • Other computers are designated as UT Tyler Student Computers. Only current UT Tyler students, faculty or staff can log on using their Patriots credentials.

Output (Printing, Downloading, Emailing)

  • All users may print, email, or download.
  • Printing for the public user is 10c per page. Circulation staff will provide print jobs and accept payment.

Off-campus Access

  • The library catalog and other library web pages are accessible from off-campus.
  • Research databases and ebooks are licensed for only our current students, faculty and staff. For off-campus use, login with your Patriots username and password.

Relevant Policies

Policies relevant to the above expectations include, but are not limited to, the following: